List of Countries with highest and least car usage rates in the world


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Did you know that there are many countries around the world that do not use as many cars as Nigeria? Check out such countries and their car usage rates here!

In some advanced nations, various concerns about CO2 emissions produced by traditional automobiles have actually led to a revolution involving the re-consideration or total ban on the use of cars in certain areas. But at the same time, there are still a few developing countries whose poor economic condition has led to an overall minimal usage rate of automobiles. With all that said, a good question will be: How well does Nigeria rank among other countries of the world in terms of car usage rate?


There are certain parts of some advanced nations that have now placed a ban on the use of cars due to the greenhouse effect

1. Countries with highest car usage rate in the world

An online research website, Pew Research Center did a survey in 2015 which mainly focused on the usage rate of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles in different parts of the world including Nigeria.

The website used its collected data to calculate the percentage of households that actually own a bike, motorcycle, or car in each nation. The results were later published in a report which reveals interesting figures about the usage rate of each mode of transportation in different countries around the world. Below is a list of the lowest and highest rankings by region:

  • Europe: Italy tops the list in Europe with a whopping 89% car usage rate while Poland made the bottom of the list with 64% car usage rate.
  • Russia/Ukraine: Russia tops the list with 55% car usage rate while Ukraine had just 29% car usage rate.
  • Middle East: Lebanon ranked highest in the Middle Eastern region with 81% car usage rate while Egypt had the least car usage rate of just 20%.
  • Asia/Pacific: South Korea took the lead in Asia with 83% car usage rate while Vietnam stood at the bottom of the list with just 2% car usage rate.
  • Latin America: Chile had the highest ranking in Latin America with 49% car usage rate while Nicaragua had the least car usage rate of 10%
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: On the list of Sub-Saharan African countries, South Africa ranked at the top with 31% car usage rate, Nigeria ranked 2nd with 18% usage rate while Uganda had the least car usage rate of just 3%. 
Region   Highest car usage  Lowest car usage 
Europe Italy Poland
Russia/Ukraina Russia Ukraina
Middle East Lebanon Egypt
Asia/Pacific  South Korea Vietnam
Latin America Chile Nicaragua
Sub-Saharan Africa South Africa Uganda

Now, coming to the question of how well Nigeria ranks compared to the top nations of the world; it would be safe to say that our dear nation ranks the least. Yes, that’s because the list would go thus; Italy – 89%, U.S.A – 88%, South Korea – 83%, Lebanon – 81%, Russia – 55%, Chile – 49%, South Africa – 31% and then Nigeria – 18%.

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Nigeria is among the nations with the least car usage rate in the world despite the large number of cars seen daily in Nigerian cities

2. Countries with highest and lowest bikes and motorcycle usage rate in the world

As for other means of transportation like bicycles and motorcycles, below are some of the rankings by usage rate;

Countries with highest and lowest bike and motorbike usage rates
Region  Motorcycle usage rate  Bicycle usage rate 

Highest: Italy – 26%

Least: United Kingdom – 7%

Highest: Germany – 80%

Least: Greece – 27%


Highest: Russia – 9%

Least: Ukraine – 8%

Highest: Russia – 42%

Least: Ukraine – 36%

Middle East 

Highest: Egypt – 28%

Least: Jordan – 4%

Highest: Israel – 40%

Least: Jordan – 5%


Highest: Thailand – 87%

Least: South Korea – 9%

Highest: Japan – 78%

Least: Philippines – 24%

Latin America 

Highest: Brazil – 29%

Least: El Salvador – 6%

Highest: Chile – 67%

Least: Venezuela – 35%

Sub-Saharan Africa 

Highest: Nigeria – 35%

Least: South Africa – 7%

Highest: Uganda – 49%

Least: South Africa – 16%

And speaking of car usage rate around the world, check out this video below that explains how a city in the popular European city, Belgium removed cars from its streets.

Video: The Innovative Way Ghent, Belgium Removed Cars from The City

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