Hidden secrets about supercars you have never heard of


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Supercars are extravagant and are endorsed worldwide, but don't consider yourself to be a fan of those beasts if you don't know about these facts!

Please gather up car enthusiasts, 'cause Naijauto about to tell you 13 fascinating stories about cars that you might have never heard of:

1. The 6-wheeled situation

Unlike any other car in this world, except for container truck and all kind of semi-trucks and above, all cars use 4 wheels to drive. Now we know other 2 exceptions, the Panther Six, which is produced in 1977 and the Covini in 2004. These cars both have 3 pairs of wheels, specifically designed for a perfect balance driving sensation.


Panther Six in 1977 is much cooler than our cars today


Covini 2004: the six-wheeled modern version

2. The Bugatti 10 radiators

Do you know that if you install a radiator in a bugatti the way you do on a normal kind, that radiator would be the size of a normal-sized poo? To disperse the tremendous heat generated from its state-of-the-art engine, a whopping 10 radiators are employed. They have to be placed in strategic positions throughout the car. In details, there are 3 for oil cooling, 3 for the engine, 1 for the air-conditioner and other 3 heat-exchangers.


To avoid overheating, this beast needs up to 10 radiators 

3. Who's the boss? - Volkswagen for sure!

Other than owning a humble bumble bee, the Volkswagen family also owns many prestigious car brands such as Bugatti, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ducati, just to name a few.

4. Koenigsegg's special offer

The top speed you might know about the Koenigsegg Agera R is actually not its upper threshold. You can drive it even beyond that number if you do these 2 things: get rid of the speed limiter and sign a waiver that you're fully aware of your dangerous request.


You can bypass the max speed of this vehicle, but it comes at a cost

5. Most pricey supercar ever

N163.8 billion is the amount you have to put down if you want to buy the Lamborghini Veneno. For the sake of comparison, you can buy around 19 Roll-Royces with this kind of money - $4.5 million to be exact.


This Veneno tops the price list of all models from Lambo

6. The forlorn supercar

After years of rigorous developing and researching, the TVR Cerbera speed 12 was not allowed to be running on the streets due to its exceptionally powerful engine. Also, it's not yet for racing tracks, how ironic.


This lonely purple can reach 368 kph of top speed

7. The most "bolty" car

The Pagani Huayra employs more than 1400 titanium bolts to hold its parts together. That said, you can buy a brand new Toyota just for the amount you would put down to buy bolts on a Pagani. 


Supercars indeed need super bolting

8. The competitive motive

The Lamborghini was actually born from the dissatisfaction of Ferruccio Lamborghini with the Ferrari at his time. In the end, he tweaked the clutch, adjusted other parts of the Ferarri and turned it into a car in his name.

9. The unexpected siblings

The Lamborghini Gallardo and the Audi R8 are actually siblings since they share the same chassis and even the interior. The only noticeable difference is in their bodywork.


Could you figure out which part of Lambo or Audi?

10. The hidden benefit of the butterfly doors

Other than to turn up the luxurious feel for those cars, the doors act as an escape mechanism should the car being turned upside-down. When it happens, the door will elevate the car a little bit for the owner to get out.

11. The haven of super beasts

This one is easy. Do you know where you can see supercars flooding the street? It's Dubai. In fact, the police enforcers even use them as their work vehicles.

You can check out full fleets of Dubai police supercars in our previous post by following the link.


Dubai is truly a heaven on earth with car lovers

12. The symbolic icon of Lambo

In any Lamborghini car that ever been produced, there's a signature bullhead in it. The bull even appears in their car names too, for example the Diablo or Gallardo.

13. The cocky salesman

The world's most unlucky salesman must belong to a man in the Roll-Royce auto salon in London. He declined the request to buy a car from a humble-looking man, who turned out to be the ruler of India. The customer then bought 10 Rolls-Royce for picking up trash in his country.

Jai Singh Prabhakar is the one who bought 10 Rolls Royce to sweep Indian roads

So, is the salesman unlucky or lucky? Share the post and say what you think!

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