Head-on car collision in Yoba state took away 3 hapless lives


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Just yesterday, a tragical accident took place near a military checkpoint took away 3 lives and separated a family. Check out inside for details.

By this time on Tuesday, a major car crash happened in the Yobe state. A Volkswagen Golf heading from Kano and a trailer truck heading Maiduguri were involved in the accident, which took the lives of 3 hapless individuals and left the other four critically injured. The conditions of those who have survived are still monitored.


All 7 passengers involved in the accident were severely impaired

This accident took place in a location where accidents don't regularly happen, a military checkpoint in Ngelzarma town. Some bystanders reported that the trailer truck and the volks collided head-on and the Volkswagen golf was to blame since it changed lane abruptly without any signals.

Whosever fault, it resulted in the immediate death of 3 people and left 4 others struggling between life and death in the Damagun hospital. Unfortunately, one family was separated. The woman and her baby are in emergency condition while the husband did not make it.


This location is not where accidents take place regularly

Some people blame the lack of rigidity in the Volkswagen. In fact, in such a direct collision, even an armored vehicle could not have saved the lives of those people. 

Let's take a minute to pray for those ill-fated Naija fellows.

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