Harley Davidson to release production version of electric “Live Wire” motorcycle


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Inherit all the technology from one of the world's most prestigious motorbike brand, the electrical bike from Harley is expected to make headlines in 2019. Click inside to view lively photos!

About Harley Davidson

At the time it was first established in 1903, Harley Davidson was never expected to be a famous brand of the US. Flash forward more than one hundred years, and now, Harley Davidson has become one of the most famous brands in the US. Actually, famous is too light a word to describe Harley, its iconic brand name and designs have somehow intertwined with the history of America. 

Having been known for their reputation in the motorbike industry, their gas-powered vehicles have proven itself countless time, to the point that every time a new model is introduced, it is guaranteed to be a hit on the market. Harley Davidson has become a foolproof name like that. In other words, you literally cannot go wrong with a Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson's


Harley Davidson has plans to secure a sizable share of the electric motorbike market

Harley Davidson's electric "Live Wire" motorcycle

With all the movements in the clean-energy sections gradually translating to radical shifts in the motor market, Harley Davidson just cannot afford to stand still or risk being left on the sideline of the history. 4 years ago, Harley Introduced its electrical motorbike called "Live Wire". 

Harley Davidson's

Back then, it was just a concept bike. The introduction was some sort of announcement to the public that says "hey, we are cool, we do electric, too". Fast forward to today, according to the latest market news, the "Live Wire" is ready to be mass produced.

Harley Davidson badge on a

The bike will have 7 "shifts" and a color touchscreen which has Bluetooth features, navigation, and music, just like its counterparts from other brands. There will be 2 separate electricals system, one of which will power the engine and the other for minor uses such as switching lights, honking, and screen display. And though attached with the tag "electric", the bike has a rather edgy look. 


The "electric" tagline does not make Harley's creation any less charming

Powerful as its engine might be, it could be charged with normal grid lines, from outlets already available in your house. You can accelerate the process by plugging it into level 2 and 3 outlets too. DC Fast Charge is also applicable if you are in a rush. 

The specs on its horsepower and travel distance, and most importantly the price is still unknown to the public. Harley promised to unveil this information the day it's officially released, which is in January of the year 2019. 

Watch the electric masterpiece from Harley in action!

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