COVID-19: Hand sanitizers can damage your steering wheel


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Did you know that alcohol-based hand sanitizers used for fighting COVID-19 can actually damage your vehicle's steering wheel? Find out in this post!

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only disrupted “normal” activities all over the world but also has changed many people’s daily routines. The sudden outbreak and rapid spread of the disease have caused everyone to become more health-conscious. And speaking of being health conscious; frequent washing of hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizers is now the “order of the day” for many people. While this practice is highly beneficial to health amidst the pandemic, auto experts have now revealed that the hand sanitizers could damage the steering wheel of most vehicles in no time.


Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are good for washing your hands but can damage your car’s steering wheel easily

According to an auto expert in a video that recently surfaced on YouTube, alcohol-based hand sanitizers can easily damage the leather finishing of any vehicle’s steering wheel. The video was actually uploaded about 2years ago by a company called Craft Customs. Sources claim that this company specializes in making custom interior components like steering wheels for vehicles.

Anyone familiar with cars would know that the steering wheel in most vehicles is usually wrapped in high-quality leather with an extra layer of coating for protection. Unfortunately, experts have realized that petroleum or alcohol-based products can easily break down the protective coat on steering wheels and later, affect the leather itself. And what’s even worse is the fact that almost all the common hand sanitizers in stores today are alcohol-based. So, this is the more reason every car owner or driver should take note, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is the video where the auto expert explained in detail how hand sanitizers can damage a vehicle’s steering wheel;

  No Hand Sanitizer on Steering Wheel

While you are here, we also recommend that you check out how different people turn the steering wheel of a car and see which is the correct way to do it.

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