Weird: Half-naked man gives middle finger to Bentley driver, asks for donation


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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What could have prompted the half-naked man to step in front of the Stomper's Bentley right in the middle of the road at midnight?

There are different kinds of people all over the world; ones that will make your day and those ready to ruin your day. One of these scenarios was when a half-naked man stepped in front of an anonymous Stomper’s Bentley on 22 September along the North Bridge Road by 12.16am in the night, flashing his middle finger at a Bentley’s driver.


The half-naked man captured by the Stomper's in-car camera, flashing his middle finger at the driver and asking for donation

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The video of this incident was shared by a Stomp user, who used the in-car camera in his Bentley to capture it.

See his story:

"I was driving out from Purvis Street to avoid the traffic jam as roads were closed due to the F1 weekend," said Anonymous who drives a Bentley car.

"As I was driving North Bridge Road after the Raffles Hotel drop-off point, a man suddenly dashed out in front of my car and pointed a middle finger at me.

"I was blur and winded down my windows to ask him what his problem was."

"He kept pointing his middle finger at me so I came out from my car to confront him," said the Stomper.

"At this time, I was very upset after he pointed his middle finger at me repeatedly.

"He said: 'You drive a big car, why don't you make some donations'.

"I don't understand why he was saying all this without knowing anything, I don't even know him at all nor did I disturb him.

"After my wife called the police, auxiliary officers arrived at the scene.

"The man walked away and I drove off as I did not want to obstruct traffic."

Half-naked man steps in front of driver, flashes middle finger and tells him to "donate" at North Br

In the video, the half-naked man was seen telling the Bentley driver to “donate money”. When he was asked by the Stomper ‘for what’, the man replied: “For anything”.

Do you think this was a prank?

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