Check photos how hailstones shatter widescreen of an Airbus A380 aircraft at 37,000 feet


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A very disturbing image surfaced online recently at 37,000 feet with Flight 3101 of China Southern Airlines as hailstones shatter widescreen of airbus A380 aircraft. See it below!

Very shocking images have just emerged of a bruised nose and shattered windscreen of an Airbus A380 that recently got struck by hailstorm at mid-air.

This Flight 3101 of China Southern Airlines was en-route to Beijing from Guangzhou Baiyun International at 37,000ft when the glass got shattered.

Mayday call was issued to the traffic control at the international airport in Beijing capital by He Xianghang, who was the captain onboard, telling them about the terrible climate condition and its damaging effects on the 300-passenger aircraft.


Despite the shattered glass by the hailstorm at 37,000ft, the pilot was able to see and land the plane safety

Evidence was released online prior to the radio transmission from the plane’s captain informing the control tower he could still see while on air.

Fortunately, the experienced captain with 15,000 hours of flight expertise was able to safely land the plane in Beijing around 90 minutes.

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According to China Southern Airlines, no injury was sustained during the scare from the hailstorm as the passengers onboard claimed it was a roller-coaster experience in the midst of the storm.


The China Airlines's airbus A380 Aircraft also suffered a bruised nose during the hailstorm attack at mid-air

Consequently, due to the severe weather condition, the Beijing airport had to cancel 160 scheduled flights, which accounted for 25% of their flights.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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