This guy was charged for the most ridiculous reason ever!


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Thinking you have been unfairly fined? Wait until you check out this guy. We're quite sure your fine would probably look pale in comparison with his!

One cannot say he has much experience with cars if he didn't have to pay for any fine before, especially if you're driving on the busy streets and bridges of Lagos. Don't get outraged just yet, we are not saying you are a bad person or that you are inherently evil. I would say that 99,99 percent of us Nigerian driver and drivers around the world have committed at least one wrongdoing before, be it lenient or serious. It's just a fact.


We eventually get a ticket sometimes, and that's okay!

That money you spent on your mishaps is often considered "learning money", meaning you spent that on purpose, so that you would never make the mistake again. Mistakes such as crossing the zebra lines at the red line, turning without signaling beforehand or crossing single continuous lines.

There's some sense in that explanation since we're only human beings, and humans are prone to making mistake, whether you belong to a royal family or you are a moral philosopher, or, dare I say, a law enforcer. In short, you should be okay with that.


According to the "eye" of the camera, the guy appears guilty

Some fines, on the other hand, are downright ludicrous. One guy from a Russia was summoned because he crossed a single continuous line on a highway. We should mention that, in countries like Russia, they decide whether an individual is guilty or not based on machine learning. It means that the machines would both monitor the road and report wrongdoings at the same time, and what's left for police officers is that they summon the person to court or the treasury to hand in the fine.

When he got to the office, the video footage was shown as a part of the procedure. Turned out, it wasn't he that crossed the line. But can you guess what crossed it? It's actually the shadow of the car!

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It's just an accident, you don't need to worry about your shadow committing crimes now

Yes, you heard that right. If any, it's similar to the story of a girlfriend slapping his boyfriend for cheating in her dream. Due to the overreliance on technology of the police force, they immediately demanded the guy show up without first review the footage. 

The guy then went home and decided to let the world know about this instance by posting the picture captured from the footage online. Luckily, the officer realizes their own mistake and said that they would make it up to the man and return the money that he gave.

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