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The article elaborates on GUO Transport price list, how to book online, contacts of each terminal and other common questions when travelling with GUO. Read on!

Having stood the test of time for over 35 years, GUO Transport is nationwide recognized for their well laid out and properly managed motor transportation services in Nigeria.

This is why we have decided to present this quick guide on GUO Transport price list, GUO bus parks/ terminals all over the country and answers for common questions that can help all Nigerians get informed as well as enjoy the best of GUO Transport services.

1. GUO Transport – Travels, Bus Rental and Courier services

Even though GUO Transport Limited or “GUO motors” like some call them, is among the most popular and oldest transport companies in Nigeria, there are still many people who don’t know them yet.

GUO Transport was founded as a division of the renowned G.U Okeke and Sons Limited in the year 1980. This company is so large that it serves over 200 destinations across the entirety of Nigeria and even West Africa altogether providing top-notch interstate and intercity transportation.

The company has a massive fleet of vehicles which mostly consist of:

  • 7-Seater Toyota Sienna vehicles
  • 14-Seater Sprinter buses
  • 15-Seater Toyota Hiace buses
  • Luxurious buses ranging from 33seaters to 59-seaters

What's more, this company does not only offer travel services alone, some of their other standard services include bus rental and courier services as well.

  • For their bus rental service: You can easily access that by visiting their official website, filling out the appropriate form, then their customer care representative will contact you to finalize your submitted bus rental request.
    And if you are not the online type of person, you can physically visit any of their terminals which we will be listing their addresses shortly below, and get your bus charter/rent done manually.
  • For their courier service: The company has over 80 fleets of vehicles already dedicated to haulage and courier services alone. To access or use GUO Transport courier services, you can visit any of their terminals, talk to them on the phone via the telephone numbers we will be sharing shortly below, contact them via WhatsApp or send them an email.

2. GUO Transport online booking – A quick guide

GUO Transport’s online booking is relatively simple and straightforward than most people think. You do not need to know Math or be educated so much to carry out GUO online booking for bus travel.

In this section, we will take you through an extremely easy step-by-step guide on how to do a GUO online booking to travel with GUO motors. See the guide below:

Step 1: Visit Guo Transport homepage

To access GUO Transport’s online booking system, you can either use their mobile App or visit the official website.

To get their mobile App, simply visit your mobile App Store, search for and download their official mobile App from which you can access their online booking services just exactly the same as you can from their official website.


GUO Transport mobile App

And if you prefer just go directly through their official website in accessing their online booking, just open a web browser on your mobile phone or PC and visit:

Whether you have installed and visited through their mobile App or you went directly through their website, you will certainly be welcomed with a Homepage/Home-screen that is exactly the same as below!


GUO Transport current official Homepage

Step 2: Locate the Booking box

Immediately from the Homepage or Home-screen, you will notice a box on the left side of the screen for PC but will appear at the centre of the screen on mobile. It is for your booking online.


GUO Transport's "Booking Box" on the Homepage/Home-Screen

You have various options to choose from, for example:

  • Book A Trip: you can book your trip types directly using the forms in this tab.
  • Booking Status: you can easily check the status of any your initial booking from this section.

Step 3: Fill in all details & "Book Now"

From the options on the booking box as shown in step 2, just go ahead and select if you want to book for a One-Way trip or a Round Trip. After making your choice, begin filling in your trip details using the form already available on your screen and when you are done, click the big blue “Book Now” button to proceed to step 4.


GUO Transport Booking Box filled for a Round Trip Journey type

Step 4: Confirm booking details & Pick your seat

Once you clicked on the “Book Now” button from step 3 above, you will be transferred to a next page that looks like the one below:


GUO Transport Booking - Details Confirmation Screen

From the above screen, click on the small red colour “View Seats” button and you see a narrow pop up screen that looks like this:


GUO Transport Booking - “View Seats” Pop Up screen

From this pop-up screen, you can easily click on a seat to book or reserve it. As you are picking the seats, watch how the price/transport fare is being summed up automatically for you by the right side or just below the same screen as in the image shown:


GUO Transport Booking - Seat selection and total transport fee display screen

Once you are done picking seats and you are agreeing with the total transport fees, you can click on the blue “Continue” button to proceed to step 5.

Step 5: Fill in personal information

Clicking the continue button from step 4 above will bring you to a new screen where you will be requested to now fill in your personal details as a potential passenger.

If you will be having a child with you on your trip, you are also requested to fill in some personal details of the child as well. Once you have filled all the boxes in this short form, you can then go ahead and click on the orange coloured “Process Transaction” button on the same screen. See an example in the image below:


GUO Transport Booking – Passenger details form

After clicking “Process Transaction”, you should be taken to a screen where you can make payment for your booked trip online and get a copy of the payment receipt. And that’s how to go about GUO Transport online booking.

If you follow the above steps appropriately and in order, you shouldn’t face any issue doing this online booking except if your Internet fails at some point . In such case, you can just close all the screens and start all over again.

3. GUO Transport fares – Routes & Price list

GUO Transport currently offers comfortable bus travelling services to major cities in Nigeria and their bus fares depend mostly on how far the journey is and the type of bus you choose to travel in. We have collected screenshot images of their most updated price list from reliable sources and here they are:


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Guo Transport Bus travel price list

Please note: All of the above prices are subject to change at any time by GUO Transport company themselves. You can get the latest prices from their website or by contacting them directly.

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4. GUO Transport Contact

For inquiries, booking issues, bus rental, or courier services, you can easily use the following contact information to reach GUO Transport:

4.1. Guo Transport Office Address

GUO Transport has its offices at:

  • KM 3, Badagry expressway in Lagos Nigeria.
  • 36, Opere Street, Wema Bank bus stop, Coker in Lagos, Nigeria.    

4.2. Guo Transport Telephone lines

You can reach GUO Transport Limited via these phone lines:

  • (+234) 8174594910 
  • (+234) 8075090620


GUO has greatly contributed to the transportation system in Nigeria

4.3. Guo Transport Email addresses

You can send an email to GUO Transport Limited via:

You can also visit their official website and use the contact form there to send them a message or feedback.

4.4. Guo Transport Social Media handles

You can as well connect with GUO Transport via these social media links:

  • Instagram: @guotransport
  • Facebook: @guotransport
  • Twitter: @guotransport
  • WhatsApp: (+234) 814498-8273 & (+234) 908-671-2710

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5. GUO Transport Bus Parks/Terminals

GUO Transport currently has bus parks or terminals at every major city in Nigeria. During your travel bus booking, you are allowed to choose which terminal or bus park you would prefer out of their numerous available options. Below are the physical addresses and contact phone number of some of their bus parks/terminals all over Nigeria as well as Ghana inclusive.

5.1. GUO Transport Lagos

GUO Transport has more bus parks/terminals in Lagos than in any other city in Nigeria. Here are their current Lagos bus parks:

GUO Transport Lagos bus parks/ terminals
Address Contact
3, Agunbiade Oke-koto Street, Agege, Lagos. 08075090686 
KM 22, Epe – Expressway, Abraham Adesanya Est. Junction, Ajah, Lagos  08075090656
Alaba International Mkt, 29, Ojo Ebegbede Road, Opp. Chemist Bus-Stop, Alaba, Lagos 08075090685 
164, Okota Road, Lagos 08075090634 
36, Opere Street, Wema Bank Bus Stop, Coker, Lagos 08117000391
67A, Ikotun-Egbe Road, Opp Power Line B/Stop, Ejigbo 08117000390 
1, Ipaye Street, Iba, Lagos 08075090649 
7, Railway Compound (Opp. Police Barracks) Otto Bus Stop 08037262521
6, Mega Plaza, Ijegun Road, Ikotun R/about, Lagos 08075090639
167, Abeokuta Expressway Opp Diamond Bank Plc. by Iyana Ipaja bus stop, Alimosho LGA 08034409539 
1st Gate B/Stop Badagry Express Way 08075090683
Otto, Lagos 08075090645
International Trade Fair Complex First Entrance/First Gate. 08075090638

5.2. GUO Transport Abuja

These are the GUO Transport bus parks/ terminals in Abuja:

GUO Transport Abuja bus parks/ terminals  
Address Contact 
Suite 9, Bomma Plaza, Along Abuja-Keffi Exp. Mararaba, Nasarawa State.  09096450710 
Gouba Plaza, Plot171, Ekukinam Street, Utako District, Abuja.  08075090643
Lagos Park, Zuba, Abuja  08075090660 

5.3. GUO Transport Port Harcourt

Below are the GUO Transport bus parks/ terminals in Port Harcourt:

GUO Transport Port Harcourt bus parks/ terminals  
Address Contact
224/5, Port Harcourt/Aba Road, Opp. Pleasure Park, by Bori Camp Bus stop, Port Harcourt  08150647900 


Quality is always prioritized at GUO Transport

5.4. GUO Transport Ghana

You can see in the following table the official GUO Transport bus parks/ terminals in Ghana:

GUO Transport Ghana bus parks/ terminals
Address   Contact
Abossey-Okia Mortuary Road (Opp. 2nd Total Filling Station), by Kaneshi R/About, Ghana. +233240565854 

5.5. GUO Transport Imo

These are the GUO Transport bus parks/ terminals in Imo:

GUO Transport Imo Bus parks/Terminals  
Address Contact
10, Orlu Road, by Akokwa Roundabout, beside Akokwa Microfinance Bank, Akokwa 09053820354
Amaifeke – Orlu park, Opp. Olu LGA council office, Orlu, Imo 08075090634
15, Egbu Road, Owerri 08035086048
6, Orlu Owerri road, by Afor Umuaka R/About, Njaba LGA, Imo state 09053820351

5.6. GUO Transport Anambra

GUO Transport bus parks/ terminals in Anambra are listed below:

GUO Transport Anambra Bus parks/Terminals
Address Contact
St. Michael Shopping Plaza, by Unizik Junction, Awka-Onitsha-Enugu Expressway, Awka 08075090642
Awkuzu junction 07035227941
7, Awka Road, Ekwulobia. 08175090687
42, Osha Owerri Road by Patigian Hotels Ltd, Ihiala 08075096032
2, Ibeto Road, Opp.First Bank, Nnewi 08075090684
166, Port Harcourt Rd, Upper Iweka, Onitsha 08075090618
Round About, Umunze 08076092468

How GUO Transport uses Paystack (and webhooks) to power payments for a bus fleet

5.7. GUO Transport Bus Parks/Terminals in other cities

For all other cities in Nigeria, below are their GUO transport bus parks/ terminals addresses and contact phone numbers:

Other GUO Transport Bus parks/Terminals in Nigeria  
Address Contact
25, Milverton Avenue, Aba 08075090629
Uhia General Park, Umuahia 08113790584
Jendutu Park, Yola. 08075090653
Maiduguri bypass, Plaza Hotel, Bauchi. 07076092462
Kano Station Park. 08075090644
Mh 113 Hospital Road, Opp. Blessed Resources int’l oil, Beside EcoBank plc, Igoli, Ogoja 09053820341
Asaba – Onitsha Expressway by Head-Bridge, Asaba, Delta State 08113849230
15, Afikpo Road, Abakaliki. 08075090650
3, Market Road by Holy Ghost Cathedral (Opp. Ogbete Main Mkt.) Enugu. 08075090636
Obollo-Afor Markudi Exp. Way 08038047001
1, Church Road, Gombe. 08075090652
Television Park, Kaduna 08075090647
Yankarife Luxury pack, Sabon-Gari, Zaria 08034973607
14, New Road, Sabongari, Kano 08075090646
Samonda/Opp Emmanuel Theology College, Ibadan. 08075090641
Old Railway, Jos 08075090654
Central motor park, Sokoto. 08052772082
Opp. Coca-Cola Depot, Along Mile 6, Yola Road. 08113790580

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6. Common questions when travelling with GUO Transport

Question 1: If I miss my booked bus, what should I do?

GUO ticket is valid for 7 days, so you can still use that ticket to travel on the same route. You can change the departure date on the website as well.

Question 2: Can I change my departure date for free?

Yes, of course, but only for once. GUO allows you to change your departure date for free on the first time. From the second time onwards, you must pay N2,000 each.

Question 3: Is it possible I book and travel on the same day?

It is possible with an extra charge of N1,000. For normal booking, you aren't allowed to travel right on the day you book.

Question 4: Is there any specific requirement for the luggage?

Total luggage you carry mustn't exceed 10 kilograms; otherwise, you have to pay for the extra weights.


Travel 30 round trips with GUO then you get a special discount!

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Question 5: Can I use GUO to travel outside Nigeria?

Absolutely yes. GUO has expanded their services to some West African countries such as Benin, Seme border, Ghana and Togo.

Question 6: When can I get a discount at GUO Transport?

When you have travelled at least 30 round trips, you are entitled to a special discount program from the company. The discount is announced at the time you are eligible and may vary in each case.

Question 7: Are all GUO Transport buses equipped with air-conditioner?

Yes. However, due to unexpected problems sometimes, you will be informed the bus doesn't have AC at the terminal. The company will base on the situation to solve the problem then.

7. Conclusion

We hope that we have provided enough information on GUO Transport price list as well as their online booking services and contact addresses, right?

So, you can try them out anytime soon. Don’t forget to check out our amazing huge collections of cars for sale in Nigeria as well as update latest News and Tips on our website!

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