Gullwing DeLorean-inspired hovercraft for sale to highest bidder


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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The legendary gullwing, stainless steel bodied DeLorean DMC-12 now can run on water! Check it out now!

Call it bizarre or strange. This hovercraft, inspired by DeLorean has been featured in the mouthwatering car collection of Jay Leno, and is presently up for sale to interested buyers.


The DoLorean-inspired hovercraft is powerful enough to take you across water body and on road

According to report reaching us on Naijauto, the owner of this stunning model commenced work on it eleven years ago and finished everything in year 2012. Its exterior look is similar to DeLorean DMC-12. There is no doubt having a hovercraft version of DeLorean would come at a huge cost.

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The beauty of its gullwing doors is breathtaking and comes equipped with functional headlights for all-day cruising

We learnt the seller built the body of this car with his hand, using fiberglass to imitate the proportion and appearance of the car made popular by "Back to the Future" franchise.

The hovercraft comes equipped with 1-cylinder Briggs and Stratton car engine with an output of 6 horsepower at the front, powerful enough to drive the 24-inch lift fan. At its rear, it comes fitted with 2-cylinder 627cc Briggs and Stratton car engine with an output of 23 horsepower, enough to power a massive 36-inch fan.


At its rear, it features a separate engine from the front, which powers its larger 36-inch fan

Another impressive feature is the present of gullwing doors coupled with working headlights. It offers multi-coloured LEDs on its skirts to illuminate the hovercraft at night. According to the seller, it offers a peak speed of 50km/hr (31 mph).

Homemade Delorean Hovercraft - COOLEST THING I'VE EVER MADE: EP1

Practically speaking, purchase of this vehicle must be made on passion rather on performance. This is obviously not the kind of car you want to use for everyday activity. It is best suited for those who love owning or adding a hovercraft to their splendid car collection.

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