Google Assistant has new driving mode for hands-free control; Android Auto get more updates


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Google is taking us into frenzy zone with the release of new driving mode for Assistant, updated Android Auto and several others for automotive use. Read on!

1. Enjoy the latest mode of driving on Google Assistant!

Google, through its I/O developer conference has introduced an array of new products and updated technologies. This also extends to the automotive side, where they introduces next generation for Google Assistant, which comes with all the latest modes of driving, permitting users to control their smartphones hands-free.

We are expecting it to be launched this summer and the new driving mode will connect automatically with the Bluetooth system, hereby bringing it into full launch for use. Aside the Bluetooth launch, it could also be launched alternatively by saying “Hey Google, let’s drive”.


Many of these auto related new apps or updated ones are for the comfort and safety of drivers

When you have fully launched this app, you will be taken to various dashboard display activities which would include the messaging, navigation, calling and media. You will be able to personalize these selections according to your schedule or appointment, which also include the daily routes or several other activities. This new driving mode will help you manage those activities on road and gives you direction.

It will also reveal to you, your most frequent contacts, media recommendations and recent navigation enquiries. As a user, you can also resume a podcast exactly on another device from where they felt off.

The controls in the vehicle have also been streamlined. So, don’t think that the driving mode is the only new thing. Through this, you can perform several commands just by speaking to it.

The updated system will work on existing vehicles such as Mercedes me connect technology and the Blue Link in Hyundai.

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2. Wait for it! Promising updates for Android Auto!

Another new technological update in the bag for Google is the Android Auto, which is set to be used on all cars that are compatible with Android phones this summer. It comes with a well updated system with simplified controls and shows. We hope to get more info on this technology soon.


This new app takes charge of your daily routines and helps you plan ahead

New navigation is also among the new updates, which permits users to gain access to turn-by-directions and apps on the same screen. There is also going to be a provision for a notification center for alerts, messages and calls.

Android Auto In Any Car!

We should also look forward to other updates such as the revised designed with a dark theme and easy to read font. The update on the Android Auto has also been made to be more effective on larger infotainment screens. This app will also make use of the extra space to display extra info such as directions for the next turn and ongoing calls.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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