Police officers seize man's gold Porsche car for being too shiny


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Police officers seized a gold Porsche car because it was too shiny and was dangerous to other drivers on the road.

1. The fun story of a gold Porsche seized in Germany

Just recently in Germany, the German police seized a 31 years old driver's reflective gold Porsche car because it is too shiny. According to Hamburg authorities, the gold Porsche panamera foil car could blind other drivers.The driver whose car was seized was earlier stopped and asked to remove the gold foil on his car, but he refused. After the second stop, the police took his keys, papers and license plate, before the vehicle was towed to a garage. The driver was fined an unspecified amount and will have to remove the shiny golden foil to make the car street legal again.


Porsche Paramera seized by German police officers

Local media claim that a Lamborghini owner was stopped at the same time with similar gold foil, but he complied and removed it. Porsche cars have been in the news recently, earlier, Porsche ordered a stop-sale on new Panamera sedans and recalling some 715 examples sold in the U.S. in the 2017 and 2018 model years.The recall involves an issue with the car’s rear anti-roll bar, which could become detached and move around, damaging other rear suspension components and causing mishaps on the road.

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2. A brief about the Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is a top notch car that is deisgned and made by the German automobile, Porsche. It is front-engine and has a rear-wheel-drive layout, with all-wheel drive versions also available. It is the only sedan manufactured by Porsche as part of its strategy of expanding its market.Porsche has continuously tweaked, fixed and re-engineered its sports car for over 50 years now just to make it as perfect as any rear-engine car can be. The production version of the Porsche Panamera was unveiled in 2009 and in 2011, hybrid and diesel versions were launched. The Panamera is considered a full-size luxury car.

gold-porsche-car-seized-by-german police

Shiny gold Porsche car being carried away by German police

Over the years, lots of car owners are known to be passionate about their cars. A lot of thought goes into buying a new car, like what the interior and exterior features should be, the engine, the colour, and its safety technology. Some car owners also want to be noticed while driving on the road, hence the reason for pimping rides, chroming and wrapping with gold foil. However, individuals ought to know the consequences of some of the decisions they make concerning their cars.

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2. Shiny chrome cars can be dangerous

Naijauto did some research and found out new studies have suggested that the colour of a vehicle can affect how well other drivers are able to see, this also effects the odds of being in a fatal accident. The German police who apprehended the individual in the above news are justified. Although reports have it that this is the first time a golden Porsche car is seized.

Chroming is now the hottest trend in pimping your car. Chromed cars can appear as a shining mirror, as much as this is in vogue and it is fashionable it can be dangerous. A lots of celebrities are getting on the band wagon of these chromed, shiny cars forgetting that the sun's reflection may blind other motorists.


At some points, you may feel like this car is invisible

According to research, silver is the most popular car color with white as a close second. In accordance with the study, silver and gold cars can become virtually invisible under extreme sun glare. This can be challenging as sun glare tends to be brightest during morning and evening rush hour, when most drivers happen to be on the roads. This can of course lead to road mishaps.

Having seized the gold Porsche car, it is certain that the gold foil will be removed before the car is released. It is also quite certain the German authorities are set to maintain order and prevent a re-occurrence of such amongst other motorists.

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