Gold car pulled over by German police for being "too bright"


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When you're all out to make a statement with a flashy colored car. A driver painted his car gold and police removed his car from the road because it's too bright. See how it's going!

Respraying your car just to restyle it will bring out the car's beauty and make it stand out from other cars with faded body paints on the road. However, it might also land you in a situation you may not expect.

A German driver has gotten more than he bargained for when he sprayed his SUV with bright gold paint.


The golden SUV was towed off the road by the police, the reason being it will dazzle the eyes of other motorists

Naijauto gathered that the German police in Düsseldorf city pulled a golden car over for being 'too bright’. Their reason was the golden color could dazzle onlookers and other motorists on the road.

The police had noticed that the golden car was reflecting brightly under the sun and other lights. So they flagged the car down to check it. While inspecting the SUV, the officers also discovered other faults with the vehicle outside its dazzling color. The car has some problem with its tail light and exhaust.

The German police took the car off the road, marking it unsafe for the road. The owner of the car had to walk home.

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This could be a case of just too much pizzas as Police were forced to take the car away

He did want to make a statement with his golden car but poor dude, he's now left without a car.

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