After 2 million rides, Gokada gets praises for its 99.8% safety record


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Did you know that Gokada has now successfully completed 2 million rides and had a 99.8% safety record all through? Check out the full report here!

Who says Okada riding is too dangerous in Nigeria?

Naijauto is proud to prove such people wrong as Gokada, the leading motorbike hailing service in Nigeria recently reported an impressive 99.8% safety record after 2 million rides.

Gokada is a technology based efficient motorbike transportation platform that commenced operations back in the year 2018 and has since been offering quick mobility within major Nigeria cities.

Recently, Gokada was really excited to announce its achievement of a 99.8% safety record after a total of two million rides. This is because this remarkable record translates directly to mean a negligible 0.02% incident/accident rate for each ride with Gokada.

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With just your smartphone, you can book a ride with Gokada and yet be rest assured of your safety now

Ayodeji Adewunmi, the Gokada Co-CEO, while speaking on this critical milestone achieved by the company, reiterated the company’s dedication to promoting efficient, fast and safe transport as well as helping its passengers to reach their individual destination with as much ease as possible.

He also said;

“Before now, commercial motorcycles were believed to have been responsible for about 69% of the road accidents in Lagos.

“We were committed to reversing this ugly trend by prioritizing the safety of our pilots and the thousands of customers who ride on our bikes. In pursuit of this goal, we upskilled our drivers, expanded their capacity for defensive driving and put in place mechanism to comprehensively track every ride for any incident.”

“While all our customers are assured of safety, we still have a structure in place that allows rapid medical response in the unlikely event of an accident. However, our ultimate objective is to achieve a zero-incident milestone across our operations.”

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Similarly, Mr Tola Bakare – the Gokada Emergency Response officer also said;

"We prioritize the safety of our customers beyond any other goal in the organization. We constantly monitor all our pilots’ trips to ensure that in the event of an unlikely incident, our first responders will be at the scene to provide emergency attention to the victim. These responders are adequately trained and skilled for this purpose.”

Isn’t this just elevating?

Naijauto hopes to see more of such innovative and genuine companies like Gokada spring up in future Nigeria.

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