Girl implants Tesla Model 3 car key into forearm to start the car more quickly


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Forget your car keys, here's a new way of starting your car. Read the full gist of how this Tesla owner got to implant her car key into her arm!

This is one of the unusual stories Naijauto gets to share here because they don't happen often. Well, the world is full of unusual folks!

Look beyond your car keys and phone app, a Tesla car enthusiast has turned her forearm into her car key to start her Tesla Model 3.

What!! You might exclaim but that's the new definition of a car enthusiast.

Who is she?

Her name is Amie DD, a bio-hacker and software developer based in Texas. For almost a year, Amie has been working on how she can implant her Tesla Model 3 valet key inside her forearm. She took out the vital elements in the valet key and had they embedded in her arm. And now, she's the human symbol of the key. With just a wave of the hand, her Model 3 electric car can be unlocked.


Meet Amie who has been working for a year on how she can implant her Tesla Model 3 valet key inside her forearm

How could Amie implant Tesla Model 3 car key into her forearm?

Amie explained the process on her YouTube page.

There's a small wire placed around the edges of the card so she dissolved the valet key (which looked like a debit card) in acetone to remove the wire. The antenna was said to be measuring 40 mm by 10 mm in length.


Amie dissolved the valet key (which looked like a debit card) in acetone to remove the wire

She sought the assistance of a firm named Vivokey, which deals with the implantation of ID badges, computer passwords and more. The antenna that was removed from the card was covered in polymer to enable it to be safe enough to be implanted under her skin.

As Amie said in the video,

"I talked to a few doctors, they were a little weary about doing this, because it's kind of a questionable thing."

She then went ahead to ask a piercing shop called Shaman Modifications to help her install the device.

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Amie's arm where she implanted her Tesla Model 3 key

Here's what she noted about the piercing shop,

"He was amazing, detailed, explained all the steps to me.

His studio was clean and sanitized. I was so nervous leading up to this, and he made the process so amazing!!"

And finally, she had the chip implanted into her arm.

Amie further said,

"It makes me want to do it more," she said of skeptics who were critical of her plan. "Not because I want to defy them, but it makes me question why. Why can't you do it that way and what are the limitations."

So, if you're the type that loses their car keys always, you might want to try this new way of safeguarding it. That is if you are cut out for it!

Watch Annie as she shows the process involved in getting her Model 3 car key implanted in her arm

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