GIGM to launch The Enterprise Partner Model to help entrepreneurs manage their transport business


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The new innovation by GIGM is called the Enterprise Partner Model (EPM), which it plans to use for inviting discerning investors into the transport industry. Read details below!

GIGM is a technology-based road transport company with a vast fleet of transport vehicles plying numerous routes across Nigeria. It has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to deliver better transportation service to its customers across the country. With so many awards and recognition, GIGM is still not resting on its oars.

Naijauto was aware that GIGM, some months back had instituted a platform called GIG Mobility, from where it is successfully running all its operations seamlessly and without interruptions. But wait! Isn't that a great achievement? You might ask. The truth is that despite its achievement GIGM still feels it has more to offer.

GIGM Enterprise Partner Model (EPM) - The new bird in the nest!

GIGM has created a brand new platform called the Enterprise Partner Model (EPM), which it plans to use for inviting discerning investors into the transport industry. Its main purpose is to provide value for smart investors as revealed during the pre-launch program by GIGM’s Chief Operating Officer, Mrs. Vuakpor Muoghere at their Corporate House in Lekki Lagos on Thursday.


GIGM is leading the transport tech trend in Nigeria with its apps

Mrs. Muoghere stated: “The Enterprise Partner Model platform has been in incubation for months and we are set for launch shortly. The App is built to foster entrepreneurship for existing and intending business owners.”

She further explained saying:

“The new platform is geared towards alleviating the hassles of running traditional transportation while also ensuring profitability for existing and intending business owners.

“Through this innovation, our company would be offering investors who are interested in creating more wealth an opportunity to become entrepreneurs in the transportation business while riding on the brand equity provided by GIGM.”


Some of GIGM's fleet vehicles used to satisfy customers' transportation needs over the years!

Features available on the App!

The features of this innovative platform were showcased as a demo showing off the unique points of the App. The App which is named The Enterprise Partner Model App is set to afford the entrepreneur or customer a seamless investment-tracking mode, giving such individuals access to things like the number of active buses on the road belonging to the investor, their net income, business expenses as well as the agreed sharing formula for the business.

Other features that will be available to Enterprise Partners when this App is finally available include, real-time tracking of buses' status with the name of the captain as well as his code, total trips, and record of the history of trips.

Also, Enterprise Partners will have access to details of guests (passengers), trip records and booking details of guests on a daily basis on demand via a mobile device.

The application process!

Now to the juicy part, how does anyone become an Enterprise Partner? For interested individuals to become an investor, she or he will be required to register a company after which she or he purchases a minimum of three buses which must be comprehensively insured.

On successfully passing the application stage, applicants will be registered on the Enterprise Partner Model Application, and from then on enjoy the reward of smart investment powered by technology.


GIGM is proving its number one status in transportation business in Nigeria

What’s in it for me?

Concerning the benefits of the Model, Muoghere had this to say: "One unique benefit of the Enterprise Partner Model is transparency but most of all wealth creation.

As GIGM evolves from a regular company to a transport platform, we believe that the Enterprise Partner Model is a pathway to dominance and wealth creation.”

And finally, the COO had to add this for intending investors: “A good number of people are beginning to show interest in the model according to our research. There are a lot of people searching for profitable ventures to invest in. The EPM model is just one big opportunity to invest wisely. There is a sizeable share of the market that will be interested in becoming an enterprise partner,” she said.

Wrap up!

From Naijauto, we believe this is a good step taken in the right direction, and we say kudos to the management of GIGM.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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