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There is nothing more thrilling than those 5 awesome gifts if your gift takers are car lovers. See the suggestions by Naijauto experts here!

One might think that everyone is crazy about cars because everyone either drives one or takes a ride in one, but that is not correct. For some people, a car is just a medium for mobility. They use it to serve that purpose, and that is where it ends. For others, a car is a lot more than a mobility medium. They derive pleasure from the mere sight of it, and love everything about it. These car lovers go the extra mile to get the car of their choice and give it maximum care. If you hear them talking about cars, you would think they are talking about human beings.

If you want to be in the good graces of such car lovers, you should gift them items that are car related. Are you clueless about what to get? Worry no more, Naijauto is here to assist you with 5 awesome gifts for car lovers.

1. Smartphone dash mount

Finding a car owner who does not own a smartphone is most likely going to be a futile endeavor. With the use of mobile phones while driving being a major problem as it leads to road crashes, keeping the phone in tact is a great idea. Your friend or loved one might be having a hard time handling their line while driving. You can make things easier for them by gifting them this item.

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Phones have become irresplaceable comodities for the modern human beings

A smartphone dash mount is beyond a gift. It goes to show that you value the person’s life by helping them stay away from unnecessary phone distractions on the road especially if that lucky friend of yours is an Uber driver. They no longer have to take their hands off the steering wheel to use their phone. Fixed in the dash mounted on their dashboard, they can quickly use it if there is an urgent need.

2. Camera

This is one of the coolest car gifts you can get. Any car enthusiast will definitely love this one of the high-tech features a car must have for utmost safety. Although modern cars come along with a camera for capturing both front and rear view, older cars do not have that luxury.

If the person’s car does not have a camera, gifting them one will enhance their driving experience. They will be able to see objects easily without having to strain their neck.


An back-up camera installment helps the gift taker observe the rear view better

The camera is very helpful during reversing as hidden objects behind the car are captured. Some cameras come with the capacity to record videos. If the person sees something they fancy on the road, they can easily capture it. This is a great way of documenting experiences. In an accident situation, they can easily record the scene to give a clearer account of the situation.

Video: How to Choose a Dash Camera - Buyers Guide

Do you have a camera in your own car? If you do not, you should consider getting one for yourself because the benefits are enormous.

3. Personalized merchandise

Do you want to make a big impression with your gift? If that is the plan, then you should consider going for personalized merchandise. The whole idea of this is to tailor the gift to the taste of your recipient.

Personalized merchandise can be any item with a personal touch added to it. It could be seat covers, smartphone dash mounts, carpets etc. Anything used in a car can be personalized. You can have a lovely message inscribed on the item to communicate a special message to your loved ones.

4. Key tracker

If you own a car, chances are that you have misplaced your key a number of times. This can be very annoying especially if you are in a hurry to somewhere but can't open your car door. Sometimes, you will have your key either in your hand or pocket and still be looking for it. All the trouble and wasted time can be prevented with a key tracker.


There is no hiding place for missing keys with the tracker

If you cannot find your key, instead of getting stressed up, you simply use your smartphone to detect where the key is. How does that work?  The key tracker attaches your key to a Bluetooth technology. As long as both items are together, you can use a smartphone to detect the location of your keys by simply pressing a few buttons. You do not have to miss that appointment or outing simply because you could not find your missing key on time. It goes without saying that the recipient of this gift will appreciate it.

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5. Car model to build

It is not uncommon to see car lovers who are fascinated by the idea of building their own car. Their love for cars gives them ideas of creating their own with unique features. This might sound like a dream too big, but in this life, anything is possible. So you might as well encourage the person to actualize this dream with such a gift.


Actually, you can make a DIY car model for your beloved!

Gifting them a car model makes them feel like they can truly achieve their automaking goal someday. Even if it never happens, they will be happy to know that someone cared well enough to support them. And if it does happen, well, you will always be remembered as the one who believed in their dream long before it saw the light of day.

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Chris Odogwu
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Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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