[Photos] Giant whale statue saves crashing train from a 30-feet fall


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Luck smiled on the operator of a train that recently crashed in the Netherlands but was saved from falling by a giant whale statue. See photos here!

Monday, 2nd of November, 2020 was a lucky day for one metro train operator in the Netherlands after he survived what could have been a catastrophic accident. Reports and photos showed how the tail part of a giant whale sculpture luckily stopped a crashing subway train from directly plunging 30-feet into water. Apart from the operator of the train who survived the incident, luck also smiled on the passengers of the train because they had all been dropped off before the incident occurred.


The moment when the tail of a giant whale sculpture saved an out-of-control subway train from crashing 30-feet into water

Media reports claim that the incident occurred at “De Akkers” metro train station in Rotterdam city, the Netherlands around 12.30 am on Monday 2nd of November, 2020. The affected train was said to have lost control and broke through the barrier of the rail tracks at the train station before being stopped by the tail of the whale sculpture.

According to explanations of the train operator, this incident occurred just after the train had already dropped off all of its passengers at the metro station and headed for its regular parking area. The metro operator who was the only one in the train during the crash luckily survived because the giant sculpture stopped the train from falling.


Crashed train in the Netherlands gets saved by the tail part of a massive whale statue

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Local media reports say the giant whale statue was installed 20 years ago by a popular architect identified as Maarten Struijs. During a recent interview with the architect after the incident, he was said to have been really surprised that the old statue withstood such impact without breaking. Press reports say that the architect never expected such an old sculpture to stop a crashing subway train without suffering some level of damages itself.

To see more photos and live footage showing this “lucky” train, watch the video below.

Derailed Dutch Train Saved by a Whale's Tail. Unbelievable!

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