Must read! A Ghanaian woman got her lips bitten off just for asking for a lift


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A Ghanaian lady, a hair dressing apprentice, got her lip bitten off by another woman in just sheer jealousy for getting a lift from her boyfriend. Read details inside!

News just got to Naijauto on the recent incidence between one Miss Beatrice Eric Agyapong, a hair dressing apprentice and a nurse, who revealed her name as Mummy on Friday, 18 January in the hair dresser’s private residence.

The reprisal attack was as a result of suspicion and allegation from the nurse accusing Beatrice of having extra-marital affairs with her boyfriend. The allegation was made immediately Beatrice got a lift from the man, who happens to be the nurse boyfriend, on her way to get what she would eat. On returning to her residence, she was met with unrelenting aggression from the nurse, who descended heavily on her and painfully bit off her lips in the bid of warning her to stay off her boyfriend.


Police are still waiting for Beatrice to fully recover for her statement on the incidence

In exclusive news by Ghana web, it was gathered that Beatrice only asked for a lift to her destination, Kwesimintsim to get a meal. Unknown to her, which would be her last meal eaten with her lips intact. In her defense, Beatrice was diagnosed of ulcer by a doctor and was asked to always eat early in order to fight against the ulcer.

After the attack which seemingly was based on misconception, she was rushed to Kwesimintsim Government Hospital. The doctors at that hospital were unable to fix the chopped off lower layer of the lip. According to the doctor, the cells in the chopped off part were already dead when she was brought in for stitches.

You should definitely watch this video on another lip bitten traumatic experience

The Ghanaian police are currently investigating the news and are waiting for Miss Beatrice Eric Agyapong to recover fully before they could get her statement on the attack incidence.

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