Sirleaf Johnson acquires Ghanaian-made Katanka Mensah sedan; Should Buhari ride an Innoson?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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A leader leads by example. Click here to see how former Liberian president and first female president in Africa, Sirleaf Johnson, acquires a Ghanaian-made Katanka Mensah sedan!

The eighty-year-old Liberia’s ex-president, Sirleaf Johnson, has become part of those prominent Africans who believe in patronizing vehicles made within the continent, most especially Katanka Automobile from Ghana.


Nothing speaks volume than sense of belief, which was displayed by ex-Liberian president, Sirleaf Johnson

The latest Katanka Mensah sedan with a customized number plate EJS-1, adapted from Sirleaf’s initials, has its photo shared by Kwadwo Safo Jr, CEO of Katanka Automobile, on social media.

Earlier on, the CEO of Katanka had shared a team picture with first elected female president in African history.

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The Katanka team was pictured with the former Liberian president, Sirleaf Johnson


The Kantaka CEO shares his gratitude towards the former president

Meanwhile, most Nigerian politicians opt for foreign brands when choosing their official vehicle. For example, President Buhari rides a Mercedes Benz while Lagos governor Sanwo Olu placed his trust on a Range Rover. What about our Nigerian-made vehicles?

Is it time for Nigerian governors to support Innoson and other local manufacturers by riding one of their products? How do you think?


The bullet proof Range Rover of Mr. Sanwo Olu


Our President's favorite brand is Mercedes-Benz

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