[Surprising] Ghanaian lady says any man without a car should not come near her


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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A Ghanaian lady set her Twitter page on fire recently after she posted that any man without a car shouldn't come near her at all. Read the full gist here now!

To our male readers: Did you know you that a car was the only requirement some ladies have to say “Yes” to you?

Naijauto.com was not aware of the influence an automobile could have on winning a woman’s heart until recently when we got this Ghanaian Lady’s gist.

A certain Ghanaian lady recognized as “Ohemaa Glory” has set her Twitter page on fire with one of her recent post in which she had explicitly stated and we quote:

“If you don’t own a car I will not even let you smell the ends of my fingernails”

What a brutal post to some men, isn’t it?

We directly interpret her post to mean that she’s strictly saying that any man without at least a car in his possession can never win her heart. We might not be accurate in our interpretation though.

In this her particular Twitter post, she attached and shared some stunning pictures of herself showing off her banging body as she topped it with those above quoted text which was a warning to all “carless” men never to dare come close.


Here is Ohemaa Glory’s Twitter post that started the fire

As you would already guess, her post has gotten lots of attention and comments from other Twitter users. Some people complimented her photos and admitted that she indeed has a beautiful looking body, while many other Twitter users condemned her for being so focused on worldly possessions and overall being materialistic.

Ohemaa Glory, however, didn’t seem to mind all the negative comments at all as it is quite obvious that she has already made up her mind before posting such words publicly. On a playful note, judging by the physical outlook and size of her backside, those heavy looing loads will definitely need a nice, powerful and roomy car to carry them around maybe like a Mercedes Benz G Wagon 😊. We apologize if you feel offended by our small joke and thoughts on this matter. But you do have to realize that we would actually feel this way because we promote car sales, duh!

Naijauto doesn’t want anyone to be tagged as “carless” anymore, that’s why we have huge listings of affordable brand new, Tokunbo, and Nigerian used cars for sale in Nigeria that anyone can easily browse through and choose from today. Nevertheless, what we think isn’t really relevant in this case though.

Still, on this Gist, some people actually went to the extent of calling Ohemaa Glory a “gold digger”. That single tweet from this young-looking Ghanaian lady really started a fire because we could still see many people retweeting her post with different views, tags, and comments both positive and negative ones.

We do need to mention that the population of people slamming her for being too materialistic seems to be more than the number for those supporting her. In fact, we have added below screenshots of few comments that we could capture, see them below:


Comment on Ohemaa Glory’s post by Twitter user “Beth Mcwin”


Comment on Ohemaa Glory’s post by Twitter user “Mr. NY”


Comment on Ohemaa Glory’s post by Twitter user “Ugo Kyrian”


Comment on Ohemaa Glory’s post by Twitter user “Kokwele M.Phillix”

Reading through some of the hilarious comments on the post in question, all we could now say is “Na wa o”.

We aren’t sure if this Ohemaa Glory lady owns or drives a car herself nor are we sure if she even read half of the comments that people left under the post. But what we are sure of is that her post must have intimidated few “carless” men on her followers' list.

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