8-year-old German boy takes parents Golf car for 87mph joyride


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Some folks think the 8-year-old boy who went joyriding with his parents’ car is talented while others strongly opposed his action. Read the full gist and tell us what you think!

This may sound like a movie where each cast is given a specific role to play out. But it isn't...Boy wanted a real joyride!

An eight-year-old German boy is reported to have gone for an 87 mph joyride on his parents Volkswagen Golf car.

Naijauto gathered that the young boy took the car from their home in Soest and went for a night spin in the late hours of Tuesday, on a German autobahn.


The 8-year-old German boy behind the wheels of his parents' Golf car [PHOTO CREDIT: Beispebld]

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The mother, on noticing the absence of her boy and their car quickly alerted the police authorities around 12:25 am the following morning. Then she went looking for her missing son.

She found him in a lay-by without an injury, at the Autobahn close to Dortmund. The boy had turned the hazard lights on and also went ahead to place a warning triangle at the back of the car.

When the police arrived at the spot where he parked the Golf, the boy now teary-eyed said, "I just wanted to drive a little bit."


The boy went for a joyride down a German autobahn near Dortmund

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According to the authorities, the boy said he started to feel uncomfortable when he got to 87 mph on the motorway and decided to pull over.

While speaking, the mother said he already had some experience with vehicles. He had driven go-karts and bumper cars on the family property.

It's good to know no one got injured, neither was any property damaged.

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