German automaker ends production of Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe and Convertible by 2021


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Mercedes-Benz has announced its plan to end the production of the S-Class coupe and convertible models in 2021.

This may come as a piece of bad news, especially for lovers of Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe and the convertible; apparently the car manufacturer is putting an end to the production of the two versions in the next generation of the S-Class. From feelers garnered, Mercedes may be going it hard as the variants will no more be in the production line as from 2021.


Mercedes-Benz plans to end the S-Class coupe and convertibles by the year 2021

Unknown to many, the two variant-models are based on the architecture of sedan unlike the popular opinion that the company has been using a bespoke platform, thus making them a bit expensive to manufacture. Surprisingly, the sedan outwitted the coupe and convertible in terms of sales. Therefore, the German manufacturer is set to devise a new approach for better market sales.

In case you might not know, other models are already considered for discontinuation aside from the convertible and Coupe of the S-Class lineup. According to insider reports, Mercedes may discontinue the AMG GT 4-door and GLS after they have exhausted their present lifecycles. The two models will likely be replaced by a single all-electric models.


The German automaker is set to take different approach in its production prior to the sales of the S-Class coupe and convertibles

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We are sure that many car lovers across the globe will be angered or saddened with the extinction of the S-Class Cabriolet and S-Class Coupe, but the good news is: Mercedes is bringing its fans a new all-electric EQS sedan, which will be an S-Class-sized model. This new model will soon hit the market and is expected to be a top range all-electric EQ brand from the German automaker.

Mercedes Vision EQS: The Electric S-Class of Tomorrow | Carfection

While Mercedes-Benz is taking off these S-Class variant models, the very much anticipated electric EQS sedan will hit the market by 2021.

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