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Among his more than 50 cars including many exotic Ferrari and Benz, guess which one is his favourite? A VW Beetle!

Celebrities are known to be car lovers. And quite a good number of them have an impressive car collection to their name. Floyd Mayweather happens to be the most recent car fanatic as he's been showing off some acquired super expensive carsAnd you wouldn't believe it if we tell you he spends $25k just to change the oil on his Bugatti. That’s about ₦9,152,000!

This news article is turning the spotlight on another unique car collector boxer, who almost has a story behind every car he owns.
Unique in his own way, George Foreman's collection boasts classic cars along with modern cars, many of which are the dreams of any car enthusiast.
Since his youth, George Foreman has been fascinated with Chevrolets and that's what his car collection circles around.


George Foreman's car collection spans from classic to modern models

With his massive fortune reported to be at $300 million, he has singled out his 1997 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible to be special to him.

Here, George got this to say about his VW Beetle,

If you take every car I have, it’s the one car I wouldn’t sell.

I got the Volkswagen, and the other cars are just dressing around it. it’s not the most expensive, but it’s cherished with me, because you never forget where you come from.

Video: George Foreman: My massive car collection at home

We think the former boxer doesn't keep count of how many cars he has as he said this.

I’ve taken to hiding them from my wife now, and some are in different places. More than 50.

Now, let's head over to check out some of his collections compiled together by Naijauto.com, starting with his favorite.


The eye-watering car collection of George is the dream of everyone

George Foreman's car collection

1. 1977 VW Beetle Convertible

George has stated it in several interviews that the VW Beetle is his joy and pride. You may be wondering why a 1977 car is his favorite. Well, George has an emotional attachment to the car because it is a reminder of where he is coming from. He told the story of how his colleagues back then refused to give him a ride home. And there he vowed to make enough money so he can buy a VW Beetle. He sure did it.

1977-VW Beetle-Convertible

1977 VW Beetle Convertible

2. 2000 VW Beetle Turbo

George's continued love for the VW Beetle made him add another Beetle to his car collection. And it was at a time when the existence of the VW was questioned in the US. The car is fun to ride with.


 2000 VW Beetle Turbo

3. Ford Mustang Saleen

The manufacturer, Ford, released this vehicle when they needed a sports car that can compete with the Camaro SS. The Ford Mustang Saleen is an irresistible car built with a supercharger that provides it with a fierce measure of horsepower and speed.


Ford Mustang Saleen

4. Mercedes G-Wagon

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is one of the key players in the game of luxury. It’s a popular ultra-luxurious car among SUVs. Mercedes has been producing this same model for over 20 years now. So, if don't have the budget for the 2019 G-Wagon model, you can get a foreign used one at a reasonable price.


Mercedes G-Wagon

5. 2000 Ferrari 360

The Ferrari 360 is a true example of Italian engineering seen this millennium. No wonder George took this exotic car into his collection. So the question is- does George takes the Ferrari out on the road regularly? You know, cars like this are meant to be on the road and not in the garage.


2000 Ferrari 360

6. 1950 GMC Pickup

Guess what! This 1950 GMC pickup is the truck he drives every day. To him, the historic automobile is notable and fun to drive over and over again.


1950 GMC Pickup

7. Mercedes SLK 320

For Mercedes, the 1990s ushered them into the production of fast and sporty models. The Mercedes SLK 320 was one of the models, with a powered convertible hardtop and road demeanor not popular. George’s Mercedes SLK 320 is a pristine original and someone's dream car out there.


Mercedes SLK 320

8. Chevrolet Silverado Z71

Chevrolets are George's favourite cars from youth. We aren't surprised he has a modern car which is the Chevrolet Silverado Z71.This is a dual-purpose truck as it exudes comfort and at the same time, a heavy duty vehicle.


Chevrolet Silverado Z71

9. Ferrari 458

George's love for Chevrolet doesn't stop him from having a thing for exotic cars. This model is Ferrari's most flamboyant car hitting the road. The Ferrari 458 is the backbone of other exotic cars in George's collections. He also has Ferrari 360.

10. 1991 Acura NSX

The Acura NSX 1991 model is a unique car with limited production. The car is known globally to have a great performance emanating from an aspirated V6 engine. If this car happens to be your dream car, you can still find the tokunbo version at the used car market.


1991 Acura NSX

11. 1992 Corvette ZR1

Although this model doesn’t ignite a spark in car lovers, it’s one of the latest models of this car brand. This car has a higher performance compared to other Corvette models. Built with many features, one of which is a Targa top, the car came out as a sports car. And it has a special offering for someone who has a lean budget, yet wants to own a Corvette.

12. 2008 Corvette Victory Edition

For many auto manufacturers, 2008 was the year they almost went bankrupt as the economy tanked then. However, it was a different story for the 2008 Corvette Victory Edition though produced in limited quantity. Corvette is just one fast car which has a powerful motor that can set it into motion like a car you can't imagine to have driven before. This car is quite pricey considering it was produced in a small quantity and George has one of it on his list. A car many car enthusiast would love to have.


2008 Corvette Victory Edition

George Foreman's list of car collections is inexhaustible. Going by these cars listed out here, you can tell George has impressive cars to flaunt. You might like to check out other celebrity car collectors on our news section, here on Naijauto.com.

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