Genevieve Nnaji car collection & her enjoyable life in her 40s


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As one of the wealthiest actresses in Nigeria, Genevieve acquires the best of luxury items! Here is a quick peek at Genevieve Nnaji car collection and more!

Who is Genevieve Nnaji?

Anybody who is an ardent follower of Nollywood or watches a lot of Nigerian movies will definitely be familiar with Genevieve Nnaji. Or whether you have seen those she acted alongside other Nollywood celebrities or her quick venture into Hollywood, still, the name Genevieve rings a bell to your ears as one of the most talked-about actresses in Africa.

The Imo state born talented woman leaves heads turning with her impeccable acting and heaven-sent beauty which she flaunts effortlessly. With more than 80 movies (both home and abroad) ever stared, her dedication has started to pay off.

The richest actress in Nigeria doesn't hesitate when it comes to living the dream and enjoying the fruits of her labor. With multiple awards and recognition in the US, the UK, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and Asia, her honors know no bounds. Here's an insight into Genevieve Nnaji car collection, personal life and lots more from - the biggest car website in Nigeria.


Genevieve Nnaji - The famous name in the Nollywood fans' mind

Genevieve Nnaji net worth

According to recent reports, Genevieve net worth is around ₦850 million, making her the richest female Nollywood star in the country.

There was a rumor going round in 2015 that Genevieve Nnaji was gifted a 1.4 billion naira mansion in Ghana. She didn't refute the claim, hence it's believed to be true. The property is believed to have been bought by her then-boyfriend, a US-based millionaire. Aside from the house in Ghana, the actress also has another one in Ikoyi, Lagos, where she stays in most of the time. The house is said to be worth well over a hundred million naira. This is where you find her exotic cars parked.


Genevieve Nnaji rely on two luxury brands Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz

Genevieve Nnaji cars - when quality defeats quantity

In the Genevieve Nnaji garage, you won't find many cars like some other rich and famous. This Nollywood superstar only opts for 2 out of hundred exotic car models out there. But her choices reflect the top-notch luxury that not many can catch up.

1. Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque in Genevieve Nnaji car collection is estimated to worth more than 30 million naira. This vehicle has almost become the signature for people of class and high status. If she goes for high trims with custom upgrades, the price tag can even double that amount.

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Nnaji hasn't spotted much behind the wheel but sure this Evoque is in her collection

2. Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

Genevieve Nnaji also has an intimidating Mercedes Benz G-wagon. Those who get to see the actress a lot in Lagos can testify to seeing her in these cars.

We are not so sure about Nnaji's G-wagon price because it varies on the trim level and production year. However, we can affirm that its price tag never goes below ₦50 million in Nigeria.


The G-wagon reflects its owner's character: Bold and tough!

If you wonder how she can afford them, well, think of her net worth thanks to her activities in the film industry as well as multi-million naira endorsement deals with brands like Amstel Malta, Lux, Citron, Range Rover and Etisalat. Whenever we come across the latest automobiles acquired by the actress, be sure that we will go the extra mile to keep you updated.

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More about Genevieve Nnaji personal life

Genevieve Nnaji is the 4th child out of 8 children born to the family of Mr. Theophilus and Mrs. Benedetta Nnaji - both engineer and teacher respectively. She turned 40 this year on May 3, 2019. The talented actress is a native of Imo state, from a local government called Mbaise. She lived most of her life in Lagos, where she also attended the renowned Methodist Girls College in Yaba. Afterward, she got into the Lagos State University and got into the Nollywood movie industry not long after that. Since then the actress has starred in numerous movies (Over 80).


The actress is currently enjoying her single life

Genevieve did try her hand at singing, releasing a few songs that were mainstream but nothing can steal her career's highlights from her timeless films.

Some of the movies Genevieve Nnaji has acted in include - Lionheart, Road to Yesterday, Blood Sister, Ijé, Half of a Yellow Sun, Mirror Boy, Letters to a Stranger, Tango With Me, Bursting Out, Games Women Play, Silent Scandals, Broken Tears and lots more. At a point, it was also rumored that Genevieve has been recruited to play the role of the next James Bond girl, a role the likes of Halle Berry had done.

Although Genevieve went mainstream in the 90s, she actually started her acting career in the late 80s. She's a mother of one and her daughter (who she had at a very young age) is also an actress and a mass communicator.

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Over the years, Genevieve has been linked with numerous famous men, but she has always debunked rumors saying she's in a relationship or engaged. During an interview, she added that she is single but not searching.

This was at a time she was believed to be in a relationship with D'banj, Atiku Abubakar and another international celebrity. These were all claims she has since denied. She also made sure by posting only pictures of herself, her family or close female friends on social media. Keep in mind that the delectable actress has a large following across Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


The Multi-million naira crib bought for Genevieve some years ago

In the early 2000s, Genevieve Nnaji became the first Nigerian actress to feature on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She also became the first to get a major endorsement deal with a worldwide renowned brand, Lux soap. She also bagged many firsts, including over 10 movie-related awards and multiple nominations. It's also worthy to note that she launched St. Genevieve, her clothing line, which she still runs till date. She was awarded a Member of the Federal Republic (MFR) by the then president for the good work she has done in the entertainment scene and through her foundation. She has also given lots of money and goods to orphanages with profits made from her clothing line. So definitely, the awards are worth it.

Through all the thick and thin of the industry and even making her name across the globe, the actress deserves a happy family but seems like she is now enjoying her life with her lovers that are the luxury cars and don't mind find another. This is the end of our articles about Genevieve Nnaji car collection, check out more inspiring car stories and celebrity auto news on!

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