Gateman & neighbor killed financial analyst to steal his new car


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A financial analyst in Lagos has been reportedly murdered by his gateman and neighbour because they wanted to steal his new, one-week-old car. Read details below!

A recent report reaching us at Naijauto has it that a 26-year-old financial analyst, Segun Afolabi was murdered by his yet-to-be-identified gateman and neighbour in Lagos as they steal his new car and attempted to cart away with his property too. This incident is reported to have occurred at the Gbagada area of Lagos.


Neighbour and gateman connive to murder young financial analyst and steal his new car

According to reports, the victim was murdered on the 4th of November 2019 by his gateman who was recorded to have received several financial supports from the victim in the past.

It was recorded that the gateman successfully plotted with one neighbour in Afolabi’s area to jointly kill him as that neighbour was also interested in the victim's one-week-old car. After they had murdered him, they both wrapped Afolabi in a duvet, placed it at the trunk of the victim’s car and drove to the front of the General Hospital in Gbagada where they dropped his body and zoomed off.

The report also claims that this same gateman later sent his own wife to the victim’s house to steal some of his valuable properties. Finally, the gateman, his wife and the accomplice (neighbour) were nabbed in Edo state by the police at a checkpoint just on the 5th of November 2019.

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Remember to be watchful of the people around you whenever you buy a new car

The Edo state police command promises to release a full report of the incident to the public after a proper investigation has been carried out.

This is a wakeup call to all car owners in Nigeria at this moment. Take caution and protect yourself against wicked-minded people around you.

Friends of Segun Afolabi has created memory notes for him online. If you know him, leave a tribute here!


Friends of the unfortunate financial analyst left tributes to him online

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