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GAC Motors is targeting Nigerian market with an assembly plant in Lagos. Let's compare the specs and prices of GAC GS4, GAC GS8, and GAC GA3S with popular models in Nigeria to see if they are worth buying!


GAC GS8 SUV is a great choice for Nigerian roads

1. GAC Motors Nigeria

The GAC automobile group, also known as Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd is an automobile manufacturing company in China with its global headquarters in Guangzhou, province of Guangdong. The GAC automobile group is a part of the larger Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group.

In Nigeria, the automaker, officially called GAC Motors Nigeria, is represented by Nigerian registered company, CIG Motors Co. Nigeria, Ltd. CIGMC is in charge of the sales, distribution, and servicing of all GAC Motors' brands in Nigeria under its Trumpchi logo and brand.

During a recent visit to GAC's facilities in Guangzhou, Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu invited the GAC company to build an assembly plant in Ojota area Lagos. It is also strongly contemplating a fully automated auto manufacturing plant in the Lekki free trade zone. This clearly indicates the company is seriously targeting Nigerian market with affordable vehicles.

So what GAC cars have to offer us? Are they worth buying? Today let's join to explore the specs and prices of these 3 models: Trumpchi GAC GS4, GAC GS8, and GAC GA3S. Read on!

2. GAC GS8 price in Nigeria: ₦25,900,000 (2WD) - ₦28,880,000 (4WD)

The Trumpchi GAC GS8 is a full-size SUV with a capacity to seat 7 persons in comfort and complete luxury. The GS8 remains GAC Motors' top of the line luxury trim for the compact SUV segment. This SUV blends comfort, ruggedness, and maneuverability skillfully, at the same time presenting the best of Chinese automative design and European dependability. 


Also packing competitive tech features, fuel economy, and safety gizmos, the GS8 is a top contender for the best Nigerian full-size SUVs, rivaling vehicles like the 2019 Honda Pilot or Toyota RAV4.




GAC GS8 SUV is a great choice for Nigerian roads

GAC GS8 specifications




Mid-size crossover SUV

Body style

5-door SUV


Front-engine, front-wheel-drive[2]

Front-engine, all-wheel-drive


2.0 L turbo I4 (gasoline)

Fuel tank capacity

6.6 L

General fuel consumption

7.9 l/100km


2,800 mm (110.2 in)


4,810 mm (189.4 in)


1,910 mm (75.2 in)


1,770 mm (69.7 in


6-speed automatic

Type of Drivetrain


Engine power (hp/kw/rpm)


Maximum torque (Nm)

390.0 /1750-4000

  • Front row independent climate control and rear row
  • Central lock
  • Immobiliser
  • Remote lock
  • Parking radar
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD)

2019 GAC GS8 2.0L 320T GE | Car Review

3. GAC GS4 price in Nigeria: ₦10,780,000 (Elegant) - ₦13,000,000 (Luxury)

Officially known as the Trumpchi GAC GS4, this midsize/compact 5-door SUV also comes in PHEV and EV variants along with the regular version. This vehicle is so ideal on so many fronts for the Nigerian automobile market. This is especially true for the compact SUV segment of the market. It is fairly rugged, affordable, and small enough to navigate Nigeria's notorious traffic in big cities like Lagos and PH.


The GS4 of GAC Motors Nigeria prides itself on being a marvel of Chinese engineering married to Western superior styling and design. It especially prides itself on its roominess and interior finish which is accomplished with a piano lacquer veneer.

Performance-wise, the GS4 is arguably not the strongest workhorse, but its petrol-powered, auto-transmission, 200T engine holds its own among its segment biggies, even if only barely. Safety index and technology are competent if not spectacular, and this vehicle also has commendable fuel economy.



GAC GS4 is a mix of Chinese and European engineering and design

GAC GS4 specifications



Body type

Compact SUV


5-speed manual transmission or 7G-DCT

Maximum Power (Kw/rpm)


Average Fuel Consumption (L/100km)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)

1677 – 1708

Wheelbase (mm)


Curb Weight (KG)

1450 – 1500

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)

50 liters

Boot Capacity (L)

450 – 1410

Engine Technic




  • Front, Side and Curtain airbags
  • Cruise control
  • Anti-theft system
  • Keyless entry
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Remote trunk release
  • Smart key and push-button start
  • Eco-mode
  • Parking sensors
  • Rearview camera
  • Follow me home headlight
  • Auto and manual height adjustment headlights
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Fog light 
  • Power adjustable and folding side mirrors
  • Defogging and defrosting side mirrors
  • CD, AV (Audio & Video), AUX, USB port, Bluetooth with hands-free
  • Leather seat option

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4. GAC GA3S price in Nigeria:

The GAC GA3S is a subcompact/small sedan for 4 persons including the driver. It's very modern design has distinguished it as a future key player in the Nigerian saloon/sedan segment. Also armed with great fuel economy and fantastic pricing, this vehicle is ideal for a small family or group. This might not be among the cheapest sedans in the market, but still is a strong player in the segment. The optional 5-seed auto transmission or 4-speed manual gear also makes it suitable for all types of drivers and conditions.



GAC GA3S sedan is set to become a very popular car in its segment in Nigeria

Find the spec of this vehicle below:

GAC GA3S specifications



Length, Width and Height (mm)

4590 x 1790 x 1490

Wheelbase (mm)


Curb Weight (KG)

1235 (Manual Transmission)/

1265 (Automatic Transmission)

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)

50 liters

Boot Capacity (L)

450 liters

Engine Technic

DCVVT (Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing)

Top Speed (Km/hr) 190 (MT) and 175 (AT)

5-speed manual transmission/

4-speed automatic transmission

Average Fuel Consumption (L/100km)

5.6 (MT) and 6.0 (AT)

Maximum Power (Kw/rpm)


Maximum Torque (N.m/rpm




  • Follow me home headlights
  • Manual height adjustment headlights
  • Fog light
  • Power adjustable side mirrors
  • Defogging and defrosting side mirrors
  • CD, AV (Audio & Video), AUX, USB port
  • Leather seat option
  • Occupant detection sensor
  • Dual front airbag
  • Cruise control
  • Keyless entry
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Remote trunk release

5. GAC cars - Are they worth buying?

The bottom-line question is, of course: are GAC cars any good? Nothing quite determines quality like a comparison so let's get on with the price and specs comparison between the three GAC models with popular models of the same body types and price range in Nigeria.

5.1. GAC GS8 vs. popular large-size SUVs in Nigeria

GAC GS8 targets Naija Jeep lovers. Let's see what it has to offer to compete with Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Kia Sorento and Mitsubishi Pajero:

Spec  GAC GS8 2018  Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018 Kia Sorento 2018  Mitsubishi Pajero 2018 

 ₦12m - ₦15m

₦21.6m - ₦26.6m  ₦9.7m   ₦13.7m - ₦21m
Fuel economy (L/100 Km)  6.8 13  9.5  13
Interior/Seating Capacity  Luxurious /7 persons Luxury / 7 persons  Elegant/7 persons  Comfortable / 7 persons
Performance  198hp/320Nm 271hp/381Nm  170hp/225Nm  184hp/303Nm
Top Speed (Km/h)  200 200  189  180
Engine capacity  2.0L 4.0L  2.4L  3.5L
Drivetrain  4WD  AWD  FWD  4WD

From the above, we see the GAC GS8 is cheaper than Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Prado but not the Kia Sorento and has the best fuel economy of all the SUVs.  It's the second-highest performance-wise though with 198hp/320Nm. Every other thing is almost par, so all considered, for the price difference, and that fuel advantage, this is a good buy.

5.2. GAC GS4 vs. popular compact SUVs in Nigeria

GAC GS4 targets compact SUV segment in the Nigerian market. Let's see how well it does against the popular Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, and Kia Sportage:

Spec  GAC GS4 2018 Honda CR-V 2018  Hyundai Tucson 2018 Kia Sportage 2018

 ₦10.5m - ₦11m

₦15m - ₦17m ₦10m - ₦14m ₦8m - ₦12m
Fuel economy (L/100 Km)  6.1 6.8 9.5 9.6
Interior/Seating Capacity  Comfortable /5 persons Very Comfortable /5 persons Very Comfortable  /5 persons  Very Comfortable  /5 persons
Performance  152hp/235Nm 184hp/244Nm 173hp/226Nm 181hp/240Nm
Top Speed (Km/h) 180 200 180 180
Engine capacity  1.5L 2.4L 2.4L 2.4L
Drivetrain FWD AWD AWD AWD

Again, the GAC GS4 is not totally enjoying the price advantage as the Kia Sportage is clearly the king of the cheap stakes in this crossover segment. It makes up for this with the best fuel economy, slightly ahead of Honda CR-V's well-known fuel-saving engineering. The GAC GS4 is seriously behind talking about performance though, and its interior rating leaves lots of room for improvement. However, it trumps on fuel economy, so at the second cheapest position, still not a bad buy.

5.3. GAC GA3S vs. popular compact sedans in Nigeria

Fianally, compact sedan is the dominant body type in Nigerian roads, let's see how good GAC GA3S is, compared with its very strong sedan contenders here: Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, and Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2019 A 250.

Spec  GAC GA3S 2019 Toyota Corolla 2019 

Honda Accord 2019

Mercedes-Benz A 250 2019

 ₦6.5m - ₦7m

₦11m-₦15m ₦12m - ₦15m ₦18m
Fuel economy (L/100 Km)  6.6 5.5 5.4 5.5
Interior/Seating Capacity  Adequate /5 persons Comfortable  /5 persons  Very Comfortable /5 persons Comfortable plus  /5 persons
Performance  122hp/158Nm 121hp/154Nm 198hp/260Nm 224hp/350Nm
Top Speed (Km/h) 175 190 195 250
Engine capacity  1.6L 1.6L 1.5L 2.0L
Drivetrain FWD FWD FWD AWD

Let's look at the specs above. Clearly the GAC GA3S has an awesome price advantage, although it is not doing so great in areas like fuel economy, interior comfort, and even performance (though it is at par with the Toyota Corolla on this). Let's also not forget that at that price, you could buy a used Mercedes A-Class with all those awesome features. Finally, though, that price for a brand new car is so fantastic, one must be tempted to give it a go.

6. GAC Motors price

Besides the three flagship models GS8, GS4 and GA3S, GAC Motors has other offerings for Nigerian market. Find below the complete GAC Motors in Nigeria pricelist:


Body type


Trumpchi GA4

Compact sedan


Trumpchi GA3S/GA3

Sub-compact sedan

₦3.5m - ₦5m

Trumpchi GA5

Compact sedan

₦6.3m - ₦9.8m

Trumpchi GA6

Mid-size sedan

₦6m - ₦10m

Trumpchi GA8



Trumpchi GM6

Compact MPV

₦5.7m - ₦8.2m

Trumpchi GM8


₦9.3m - ₦13.9m

Trumpchi GS3

Sub-compact crossover

₦6.5 million - ₦7 million

Trumpchi GE3

All-electric subcompact crossover

₦11m - ₦12.7m

Trumpchi GS4

Compact crossover

₦10.5 million - ₦11 million

Trumpchi GS5/GS5

Super Compact crossover

₦11.5 million

Trumpchi GS8

Full-size SUV

₦12 million - ₦15 million

7. GAC Motors Nigeria dealerships

If you are considering one of the GAC models above, you can visit one of the below branches and dealerships in Nigeria to see it in flesh and have a test drive:

Ojota showroom Km 15, Ikorodu Road, Ojoto, Lagos.
Abuja regional showroom Plot Bdex, CP291, Kubwa Expressway, Abuja (09096665552)
Port Harcourt regional showroom 44, Old-Aba Road, PHC (08099966600)
Sales outlets

Sales outlet Maryland Mall Lagos

Mende, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria

Sales outlet Transporp Hilton Abuja

1 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Kefiano Global Concept Ltd

 Address: Plot 750 Mohammed Buhari Way Adjacent Nicon Insurance Central Business Area Abuja. 

Phone number: 080772222286, 08037034308, 08039596206

 Auto Spa  Plot 92(B15), Beside Mabushi Ultra Modern Market Katampe Road Jahi Abuja 

Phone number: 09095517161, 08096999998.

8. About GAC Motors

GAC Motors is a Chinese automaker maker whose full name is the Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd. The GAC automobile group is a recognized subsidiary of the larger Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group.

GAC makes sedans, SUVs, large and small buses, as well as other passenger category vehicles like minivans. The company started in 1955 and grew by acquiring other companies such as Trumpchi - makes SUVs and passenger autos like sedans, and Gonow makes buses and SUVs. GAC also acquired Changfeng Motor (Leopaard brand).

Here are some interesting facts you might not know about GAC Motors:

8.1. China's 6th largest auto company

GAC is China's 6th largest auto company and the 10th biggest measuring by volume of units produced.  In 2012 alone, it output some 728,000 units of assorted vehicles.

8.2. A global brand

GAC is a true global automotive player. It is currently making its presence known in Africa, Asia, North and South America, and of course Europe through solid representation and a direct presence. 

In Nigeria, GAC, apart from being represented by CIG Motors Co. Nigeria, is looking at having direct involvement with the local market by establishing an assembly plant in Lagos.   

8.3. Partnerships with auto giants

GAC cars' core components are sourced from some of the world's top auto parts manufacturers including Denso, Bosch, Magna, Continental, and Aisin. Also, GAC has established R&D divisions in Silicon Valley, and currently pursues good tech sharing policies, quality control systems, as well as market expansion with the right partners all over the world. GAC partners include Honda, Fiat, Toyota, Isuzu, and Mitsubishi.

8.4. Competitor in Nigeria

In Nigeria, GAC cars are increasingly looked on as muscling in on Kia's perceived territory, i.e. low end, low priced, good quality cars segment. Kia has enjoyed this position for decades, and the fact that GAC is seen as a true contender today says much.

9. GAC Motors Nigeria contacts

GAC headquarter

  • Plot 7, Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • 08090444555, 08098896588,01-28095801.

Phone number

  • Mobile: +234 809 044 4555
  • Mobile: +234 705 616 4370
  • Customer Care: 0809 889 6588
  • Customer Care: 01-2809581
  • Aftersales: 01-2809580
  • Marketing: 0809 889 6088

Email address


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