FXX-K Evo: A mechanical masterpiece from Ferrari


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Are you ready to be blown away?

Below is the picture of one of the most, if not the most powerful car that Ferrari ever produced if its race track version is not counted in, the one that's used in the infamous Formula 1. You can almost say it's a replica of the one in Formula 1, except for its more aesthetical design. It bears the name FXX-K Evo and, needless to say, it's price is proportional to its horsepower, £3million or N1,54 billion.

With a car like this one, it goes without saying that its engine is no ordinary. Equipped with a V12 engine, coupled with the trendy KERS ( Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that is prevalent in the F1 race track, The FXX eco takes full advantage of this two system to create a whopping 1036 HP. What's so impressive about this number is that it's even higher than in the most powerful one from the previous Formula 1 season, the one that Vettel had used to compete with Hamilton.

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an FXX-K evo from an angular front look

Equipped with a 1036 hp engine, with a properly installed set of wings, this thing could probably fly!

Judging by its look (and price, of course) us ordinary people would not even dream to drive this one day. It has some sort of aesthetic, futuristic look as if it came from out of this world but in the same time firm and impenetrable, like a bonker. Adorned with dual rear side spoilers, wings, and a central fin, the aerodynamic force is strong with this one. This is essential for the car, as it has to travel at an astonishing speed so even the slightest of an upward vertical force would cause it to literally fly off the track. In fact, all race cars have to have some sort of aerodynamic design to increase its grip on the asphalt road. With the FXX Evo, the grip is a tremendous 640kg or force when it's moving at 200kmh, help to balance the monster when it veers and accelerate.

FXX-K Evo frontal look

As it has to travel at an astonishing speed so even the slightest of an upward vertical force would cause it to literally fly off the track

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As if its appearance and price aren't unique enough, Ferrari decided to be a little bit more creative in the way they sell this vehicle. Since the car is not allowed to run on regular asphalt roads because they can't satisfy the perfect condition required by those exquisite cars, they figured that the buyers of this car should really be a car enthusiast, who only buy the car for the sake of buying something from Ferrari. Because who buys a car only to drive it on an extra special occasion? With that in mind, the buyers of this car have to own an FXX-K before and are willing to pay some millions more for an extra...36 hp. What a strange world we're living in!

the FXX-K angular rear

the FXX-K's exhaust

The 40 units of the super model are offered to existing owners of the FXX-K only

Listen to the sound of this monster!
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