A man toasts his sixth car accident and hillarious Twitter user reactions


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The funny driver tweets to celebrate his sixth accident. Why? Find out now!

Ameen Jega, a Twitter user with his account named @Am_Jega, just underwent his six accident but the first thing he did was not checking if all his parts had been pulled together. Instead, he went online to share his joy: He enjoys his sixth accident without being injured. Below is his tweet:

Alhamdulillah! My sixth accident without a scratch. pic.twitter.com/1sMjaxdj4L

— Ameen Jega (@Am_Jega) December 6, 2018

Amean Jega's tweet on his accident
This is the sixth accident of the funny driver

Along with the caption, the funny driver attached two photos of his pitiful car which looks so grave, absolutely opposite to its owner.

His tweet has received nearly 500 retweets and 2000 likes.

Now check out some hilarious replies to @Am_Jega’s tweet:

Replies on Twitter

People replies a post on Twitter

Replies by Twitter users

Twitter users replying a tweet

A tweet with many replies

The tweet has got a huge load of funny replies from other Twitter users

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