Compilation: Funny car memes 2020 (Part 3)


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Following the two previous articles on the most funny car memes, we have returned with the last compilation of them. Get set to giggle with these! Read now!

The internet meme craze continues daily and is even growing. With terrifying stuff like the Coronavirus still around, it's a relief to have things to joke about. There are also funny car memes that will cheer you up in no time. We have collected the best below.


Do not underestimate your car front, or rather, its power of expression.

If you take a closer look at it, you will undoubtedly see the face it is making.

I guess most car manufacturers get their car air intake system or car grille expression from the faces people make. Check out these below. Recognize them?


You might not need to download an emoji again, just take a pic of your car front

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For some people who are considering whether they should really have kids, we are guessing they can also add this to their hundred-and-one reasons they shouldn’t. Imagine entering into your car and seeing this. To top it all, what if it’s a marker with permanent ink? Oh my!


Kids, can't live without them - or with them, it seems!


For car lovers who love to spend every last penny on their car, borrowing anyone any amount of money is a big NO. But spending your last cash on upgrading your vehicle is always a top priority.

Well, at the latest, our car doesn’t get to owe us and refuses to pay us back, lol.


Recognize the type? Well, just chalk it down to some sort of emotional disorder

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Who said that you shouldn’t care for your car this Covid-19 period like you would do for yourself? Bruh, a car can take in the air too! If you love your car so much, get it a massive nose mask for its grill. Just be brave enough to step out with it.


Stay home, stay safe. But if you must move, get a mask for the car too


Action movies are so cool! They make our adrenaline pump up and make us want to do stuff. If you watched fast and furious and want to practice it for real, first do a double reality check. Or else, you could be ending with your expensive sports car ramming into a road pool. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Guess who's going "duh... but that's not how it went in the movie"

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So, you will be visiting your wealthy girlfriend's family this weekend, huh? One advice, bro, check out her family rides first. You can’t imagine pulling up in front of their house with a car that looks like that Honda mowing machine.


Wheels get levels! You gat the level, bro?


As a Nigerian child, you dare not do some things, like farting in the car when riding with your Dad! To live to see another day, my dear, pretend you didn't hear when asked and shut your mouth!


Like the good book says: there's a time to speak, and a time to be silent! 


Aww…isn't she sweet? The little girl loves her father, and the only way she can express this is to write it boldly on daddy’s car. Daddy will have to drive around town with it. He needs to tell the whole world that his daughter loves him. Talk about car painting mistakes

Imagine that car was a Bugatti La Voiture Noire. Not such a happy dad. Lol.


It's the thought that counts right?

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Husband, if you piss your wife off and see her holding a baseball stick or any stick and walking out of the house or into your garage, say goodbye to your car's windscreen. If you are quick or get there on time, you might save your car. If not, make a budget for another windshield.


You love that car, better watch your Ps and Qs around madam 


Lol, but this guy is right, though. He has the qualifications that she needs in a man. His BMW Isetta 300 is also one of the company's good products. So, they can both fit in. At least the window can slide open to bring in more air.


The dreams make the man, right? Well, try and sell the idea

There's funny, but then there's just plain fun. Check out fun cars in the video below:

6 awesome cars that put fun over fast

In the article below, we have compiled the the most funny car memes 2020 (part 3). Oh, well. We hope this brightened your day. We sure can use all the laughter we can get these days.

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