7 Funniest traffic rules in Nigeria. How many are you familiar with?


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Some traffic rules are just so funny and weird. Let's have a look at some funniest traffic rules in Nigeria.

A lawless society is a society where anything goes. Just like we need guidance in our daily lives and reasons why we are religious, rules are needed on highways, but some of these driving rules in Nigeria are just laughable. Still though, these Nigeria road traffic laws are enforced by the Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC) and other similar agencies working to support the FRSC in each state of the federation like LASTMA in Lagos state and DOPT in Cross River state.

If you needed to check out the funniest traffic rules in Nigeria then you have made the right choice coming here. Sometimes we may come across Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO), the Nigerian Police Force, Special Anti-robbery Squad(SARS) all enforcing traffic signs and rules on Nigerian roads.


Sometimes we can't even say who's really enforcing our traffic laws

Anything that is strange will sound funny, this goes with a popular quote that says “if you want to hide something from a black man put it in a book”. A typical road user does not have the time to even read his drug prescription, not to talk of traffic rules and regulations, to a large extent the road user becomes ignorant of the law, so when he falls victim and the rules are read to him it becomes strange and funny. For this reason, we offer you Traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria pdf which you can download and read. 

Nigeria road traffic laws

Generally, traffic rules are meant for road users which include motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, passengers, pedestrians, and animals, but in Nigeria when one hears traffic rules he just thinks about cars and trucks, the okada man thinks he is exempted from the consequences of disobeying traffic rules and regulations for reasons only them can explain. Even in some states where okada riders are banned, Keke Napep riders who are mostly former okada riders also believe they are immune to traffic rules. But rules are rules and must be followed, however, some of them are just so weird and funny. Let's have a look at some of the Funniest traffic rules in the Nigeria.

Funniest traffic rules in Nigeria

Below are some of the weirdest and funniest traffic rules in Nigeria, a few of these rules are unwritten you will only come across them if you constantly ply the Nigerian road.

  • A road user will be subjected to psychiatric test if found guilty of disobeying speed limit and traffic light in Nigeria. This is kind of absurd and taken too far, because disobeying speed limit can be an oversight not necessarily a psychological matter
  • Corrupting an officer(marshal) on duty. This is funny because it is the other way round, the road safety officials are to be charged for corrupting the road users, show me a road user that is willing to let go of his hard-earned money and I will show you a pregnant man.
  • Traveling in a bed of a truck by any person. I don’t know if the herdsmen who accompany their cattle in big trucks are above this law, because day-in-day-out we see them going past traffic without any hassles.


Traveling in a bed of a truck by any person is an offense...Lol

  • Providing incorrect address under the law. What if I told you I relocated and can prove it
  • Driving with one hand on the steering wheel. All the Nigerian celebrities are supposed to be in jail for this or paying huge amount of fines because all of them are found wanton in this regard, most people do it and go free, so it sounds ridiculous to be a traffic rule in Nigeria.


Driving with one hand on the steering wheel is a traffic offense

  • Sounding sirens in checkpoints is considered an offense under the law. Well, I think a whole lot of security people have been guilty of this offense.
  • Driving too slow on the highway. Well, this is not a written rule but I begin to wonder who will in his right senses drive slow on a highway, except maybe his got psychological issues.  Anyways, you can be sure you'll receive the insult of your life from other road users if you fall in this category.


Expect the insult of your life if you drive slow on a high way

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The followings are mostly true in Lagos traffic due to the congestions. There is virtually nothing one will not see on Lagos roads, lots of road users moving in the same direction at the same time.

How to be safe in Nigerian traffics:

  • Avoid BRT buses as much as possible they seem not to have brakes.
  • Never hand over your vehicle documents to law enforcement officers. To collect them later there must be an exchange of naira.
  • Do not allow the traffic wardens to enter into your vehicle.
  • Learn to maneuver potholes abruptly for your car’s safety.
  • Always take advantage of any free space for parking it’s a survival of the fittest thing. Someone behind might just swerve in if you waste any time.
  • Never stop for a pedestrian.
  • One way traffic is an illusion, always expect traffic from any direction especially the okada riders (banned though) and pedestrians.
  • Horn always, you horn even for no reason at all.
  • Hold extra bucks to buy gala and La-Casera in case you go hungry in traffic.


Carry money for light refreshment always

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A lot have changed over time as the internet users are growing. If you hide any knowledge in a book the black man does not care about anymore, he reads it online. As time goes on some unwritten Nigeria road traffic laws will find a way in the traffic rules and also the existing ones will be amended, we cannot have a uniform traffic rule all over the world due to the nature of roads and behaviors of road users.

Some of the funniest traffic rules in Nigeria are only obtainable because of society. No patience, everyone wants to get there first and these are amongst the kind of attitudes our road users are accustomed to, but the end product is what they were trying to avoid in the first place, traffic congestion, and at worst accident.

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