Compilation: Funny car memes 2020 (Part 2)


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Following popular demand after list of the most funny car memes 2020, we have decided to serve you another roaring entry. Read now to see the best of 2020!

We love memes, and we believe everyone does too! If you are a car lover or even love talking about cars, check out another great compilation of the most funny car memes 2020.


If you are on planet earth in the year 2020, you will agree with us that this year has been a rough one.

The year 2020 wrecked all the previous years before it because of the pandemic. It is the same way this woman would ruin all these passengers if she mistakenly pulls this car truck lever.


When 2020 comes to the world in "woman" form

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For all the beer lovers in the house, this could be a perfect idea for you all.

However, you don’t have to be under house arrest before you can try this. A sit at home order can be another option, like during the Corona lockdowns.

Just be confident that your car has a strong tow. Remember, we didn’t give you this advice. Lol.


Are you still breaking curfew if you are at home?


Women drivers! What can't women do with cars? Well, maybe drive? Lol! Especially when they recently learn how to drive, they constantly take over the car. They always want to drive and "form" James Bond on the road.

If you are the husband, kindly put on your seatbelt and hold on tight as this little boy did.


If you know, you really know!


Depression is nothing to joke about, and we shouldn’t hesitate to help out when we know any of our friends is suffering. However, if you were in this guy’s shoes, you can’t afford but to have this same facial expression. Bruh, this is death knocking on the door.

PS: Check your friend’s emotional status before allowing them to drive you.


This is the time to scream, "no, noooo! Life is just fine!" 


We have been questioning some car manufacturers on why they make unnecessary massive car grilles. In 2020, we have been seeing a lot of them in gigantic sizes and shapes.

Imagine what it will be like in 2025, 2050, or even 2060.  Probably, then, the other parts of the car would have disappeared.


Case of the car eaten up by the grille, right? 

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Car manufacturers will promise heaven and earth from their car designers. They will stir up their fans and buyers with an exciting image of what their car designs will be like.

Only for them to produce something totally out of it, their end production makes you wonder, ‘What were they thinking?’!


LOL! Guess we been played, huh? (Photo Credit HH)



Ladies, if you will ever pray or make a wish for you to be irresistible to your man. It would be best if you make sure that your guy is not a car freak. Don’t be surprised if your wish turns you into something not quite expected. What some dude wants is a good fine ride!


Be careful what you wish for! You might just get it! (Photo Credit


Lol, you can feel the pain this little fella is passing through. If you are a guy who owns a race car or even a vehicle that smartly rocks the road, every other vehicle feels useless when it breaks down. Especially when your only option is your girlfriend’s car that’s painted ...emm, pink.


He's going, "I'm still a bull, yo!"

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If you have ever wondered why the power produced by a car engine is tagged ‘horsepower,’ come, let’s gather here, lol. I mean, any other terminology would have fit in.

Anyway, if your car horsepower is broken, bro, you might want to leave it for this fella here. He understands horsepower better.    


Haha, your mechanic just scaled up, friend!


Hmmm…my guy, ‘just calm down.’ Bro, if you don’t have a car that can fly this high, reconsider before hurrying.


It better be your wife though, you get?!

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Above is a compilation of the most funny car memes in 2020 (Part 2). Did that tickle your fancy? Glad you enjoyed it, and we hope it took the edge off coro-tinz even if only for a while.

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