Compilation: Funny car memes 2020 (Part 1)


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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What are the most funny car memes you have encountered this year? Well, we have quite a list. See some rib crackers here! Read now!

If you are looking for hilarious car memes, search no more! We have searched the internet for the most funny car memes 2020. We promise you; you are going to love them. Keep reading.


So, the year 2020 has not been the happiest so far with Coronavirus and its impact on the auto industry, health, and the economy globally.

What better way can we describe the year 2020 than the word "muddles"? And how better to depict it, if not similar to this confused car?

Probably the manufacturer wants to be innovative or something, but we don’t know what they were thinking of building when making this car. Which part exactly is the side or rear of this car?


This meme shows what 2020 looks like as a car


Imagine when a car freak tells you that he now has a hot girlfriend. Don’t jump in excitement yet because that hot body might be a body on wheels- yep, a hot car!

You need to sit next to a car lover and hear him talk about how sexy his car is. Even when it’s dirty, it never stops being fun for him.


Beauty in the eyes of the beholder, you could say (Photo Credit @EatSleepDriftOfficial)


Remember those days in primary school when your teacher told you to draw a car and you did what you thought was a perfect drawing?

You wouldn’t believe then that you drew something different. Well, imagine having that car, I am sure this is what the car will look like. Or else, you were a good artist who you could put out a Ferrari.


Childhood doodle become a real nightmare


When we try to pronounce ‘coronavirus,’ we can’t help but imagine how similar it sounds to ‘corollavirus.’

The pandemic is not something we should kid around with. Still, it’s okay to get one or two fun memes from it to release its tension. We would like to see what Toyota has to say about this joke.


The best selling car versus the worst dreaded virus?


When we say that our car's front part or grille is passing a message across to us, this is what we mean. Maybe it’s an illusion but check the front part of your car. It might be either sad or smiling at you.


Heard of a guy smiley? What about cars smiley? Parental advisory definitely on the last


We always have that one guy or friend who is always bashing our car for not being sleek or beautiful.

However, it’s interesting to know that this bully doesn’t even have a car tire, talk less of a car.

The next time someone insults you about your vehicle, ping them this meme.


An empty driveway does not a great car critic make. Decipher that while I grab some coffee!


Raise your hand if you don’t know what a car grille is meant for as a car newbie. Let us help you out; you can toast your bread in it. Lol, we didn’t tell you this.

Jokes apart, if you don’t want air to go in or come out of your car bonnet, that is when you will be caught doing this.


Hmnn, so is this saying you can "grill" your bread? This is doubtful auto advice, you think?


We have always advocated that all car owner should wash their cars.

If you have a friend that likes to keep a dirty vehicle, be creative by drawing this type of art on their car windows. When they see a trapped granny in there, they will be forced to wash it.


Art never got grander, or more hilarious

>>> The Artist above is not alone, see [Photos] NYSC member does art design on a Mazda 323 using waste materials

Not exactly a meme, but the video below brings some very interesting car trivia:

Most Unusual & Weirdest Cars Ever Made #1


I feel this should be the real use of a car rear spoiler instead of the aerodynamic properties for enhancing airflow. What do you think?


Are you going: "Oh now, I get it!"


If you own this type of car and it gets stolen, when you go to the police station to report it, which color will you give to the police officer? Red? Yellow? Blue? Green? Or all of them?


The more the merrier surely doesn't apply to rainbow car here

Had fun with this? We will be doing a second list if enough readers find this funny. Of course, with experts predicting good times for cars in the future, we could be in a better mood for laughing.

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>>> Stay tuned with for the best knowledge of cars including car tips, prices, and reviews.

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