Funaabites bound for NYSC in near fatal accident in Jos; bus totaled


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Fortunes smiled on a couple of new graduates of the Federal University of Abuja as they were able to walk away from a road crash that totaled their bus. Check details here!

A couple of Funaabites from Abuja on their way to serve the Fatherland on the mandatory Youth Service program have narrowly escaped death, along with other passengers in the Toyota Hiace bus they were all traveling  in.

The accident according to the grateful survivors occurred due to driver recklessness and over-speeding. The passengers reported that soon after they left Abuja, the driver engaged in fearful road antics all the way to Jos.

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A post announcing the miraculous survival!

Matters came to a head when soon after leaving Jos, the driver of the Toyota Hiace bus decided to play at drag race with another bus attempting an overtake. The bus driver conveying the University of Abuja graduates resisted, with the result that the vehicle crashed badly.

The two NYSC draftees escaped unscathed and other passengers received mild of severe injuries. Fortunately there were no fatalities.

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The Toyota Hiace bus was a write off, but everyone survived

This latest incident underscores the often harped refrain of the FRSC cautioning drivers against dangerous over speeding. It also highlights the need for more of a presence of the safety Corps along interstate highways.

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