Take a look at the only full-carbon bodied Bugatti EB110 SS on the planet!


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What makes full-carbon bodied Bugatti EB110 SS different from other hypercars on the planet? See the one-of-a-kind model here!

What does it feel like to own the only full-carbon bodied Bugatti in the entire world? Well, we have the right answer for you here on Naijauto. There is no iota of hope of acquiring this one-of-a-kind model as the automaker, Bugatti, introduced the specially made EB110 SS inspired-Hypercar earlier this month at the Monterey Car Week.  They also brought about few other EB110 SS models to this glamourous car event.


The one-of-a-kind Bugatti EB110 SS comes fitted with a powerful carbon, enough to withstand any impact at high speed

Among the breathtaking models showcased at this event was the EB110 SS model in full carbon body exposure. Many heads turned upon sighting these remarkable models, as it was parked alongside the all-white Koenigsegg Jesko.

If you are thinking the full-carbon fiber body is the only standout feature in this car, you should have second thoughts. This model is among only five Dauer SS models. In 1995, when the car manufacturer went into bankruptcy, the parts of the remaining EB110 were sold off to Dauer Sportwagen, a German company, who proceeded in manufacturing five units of a similar model.

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The rare full-carbon bodied EB110 SS is the only one of its kind, and one of the five exclusive Dauer SS models

The standard EB110 comes equipped with a 3.5-liter turbocharged V12 engine with an output of 553 horsepower. This was bumped up to 603 horsepower in the SS model and there has been a rumour circulating that models from Dauer may offer a stunning generative output of 705 horsepower.

What is special about full-carbon bodied Hypercar?

Carbon fiber is a polymer and could also be called graphite fiber. It is a very lightweight and powerful material. Cars with carbon fiber are five times stronger than those with steel and also twice as stiff. Despite its edge over steel in terms of strength, it is also lighter than steel. This is why carbon fiber is a perfect material for manufacturing many car parts. It is often made up of strong thin crystalline carbon filaments, used in strengthening materials. Infact, it could be thinner than a single human hair strand.


Most hypercars like this Venom F5 are built with carbon fiber to enhance its stamina

For Hypercars, nothing serves speed better than carbon fiber. It is powerful enough to resist high impact load which usually occurs at high speed. It is also strong enough for the chassis of sports cars. Now, we know why this full-carbon bodied EB110 SS is indeed a special car and a must have for exclusive car collectors.

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How much will it cost currently in the market?

To get one of these exclusive cars from Dauer model, it was reported that one was sold back in 2017 by Joe Macari, a London dealership, for $1.16 million or ₦576m. We expect the price to have skyrocketed now since Bugatti had already acknowledged the EB110 as part of its most iconic models during the unveiling of the Centodieci.

Meet The World's Only Full-Carbon Bodied Bugatti EB110 SS | Carscoops

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