Driver of fuel tanker loses life in the explosion accident in Benin, Edo


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The collision then explosion has caused mass damages to nearby vehicles and claimed the life of the driver. What a tragedy! Read up the news of how the accident happened!

A tank driver transporting diesel had a ghastly auto crash in the early hours of the morning which took his life. The accident happened on Benin-Lagos expressway, before University of Benin Teaching Hospital.

The truck conveying the diesel was reported to have swerved off its Lane, fell down and burst into flames.The driver went off his lane in a bid to dodge an approaching vehicle whose driver was driving against traffic regulation.

The truck was also alleged to have bumped into a Mercedes Benz Wagon that was transporting some bags of rice back from Lagos.


The collision has caused the fuel tanker to explode

The tanker driver got stuck under the truck when the diesel tank fell down and he was consumed in the fire. The fire burnt was much that the driver wasn't recognizable again. The driver's assistant escaped the fire, however, the Mercedes Benz carrying the rice caught up in the fire as well. And as reported, the driver of the Mercedes Benz was no where to be found.

The firemen from the Fire service who tried to put out the fire couldn't make head ways as the diesel kept running out from the tank. The fire rage also affected a car dealer whose shop was nearby where the accident happened.The car dealer lost close to eight used cars that were imported for sale.

The fire outbreak from the exploded tank was later put out jointly by the fireman and the Nigerian Army.


The firemen have joined forces with Nigerian Army to control the fire

The Deputy Governor of Edo state, Philip Shaibu, who came down to the crash scene around 10 am, gave a word of caution to drivers to always adhere to safe driving and traffic rules. He said further that the auto crash would have been averted had the driver obeyed safe driving regulations.

And here on, we've always advocated that every driver should adopt safe driving rules while driving, in order to save their lives and ensure the safety of their vehicles as well. Keep up with the latest car news update by checking out our news section!

Practicing safe driving rules while driving will safe your life

Jane Osuagwu
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