A person died while others have to buy fuel for ₦600 due to fuel scarcity in border towns


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Residents of border towns in Ogun, Lagos, Katsina, Adamawa and Sokoto have started feeling the impact of the recent ban of fuel supply to filling stations as they now buy fuel at ₦600 per liter

Residents of border towns in Lagos, Ogun, Sokoto, Katsina, and Adamawa have suffered the heat of Nigerian Custom's recent ban on the supply of petroleum products to their communities.

Last week, the Federal government, through the Custom, announced the suspension of fuel supplies to petrol stations within 20 kilometers to the country's borders. A directive that has already taken effect as residents have started groaning.


The recent fuel supply suspension has caused great hardship to residents in border towns

Price of fuel in border towns hit a peak of ₦600

Naijauto gathered that the federal government's ban has sparked off fuel scarcity which has resulted in the increase of prices of petroleum products in the border towns to ₦600 per litre.

Reports say there was a long queue in two filling stations located at the Seme border as other gas stations were no longer selling fuel. It was also gathered that the task force set up by the federal government on border closure has shut down many petrol stations at the Ipokia border, close to the Benin Republic.


Many petrol stations close to the Benin Republic has been shut down by the federal government

An Ipokia resident who spoke to news correspondence stated security agencies assigned to their area are ruining the country's economy.

He said,

"Can you imagine buying a litre of fuel at the rate of N600? Before we can get fuel for N145 in Ipokia, we will need to go to Owode, which is 28 kilometres away. We don’t know what we can do to survive.

Before the Federal Government’s order, they (security agents) used to take bribes from marketers before allowing them to export fuel to Benin Republic. Now that the Federal Government has stopped supply of fuel supply to border communities, we are the ones suffering. Artisans, even medical personnel, are the ones suffering."

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More people may die due to prolonged fuel scarcity

The interviewed went further to disclose how the fuel scarcity caused the death of a patient in a hospital because they couldn't get a fuel to run the generator to carry out an operation on the patient.

At present, the official price of fuel in Nigeria is ₦145 per liter. The fuel scarcity has increased the price by ₦455 and now they have to buy a liter of fuel at ₦600. That's a whole lot on the residents.


Without sufficient fuel supply, hospitals in these regions can hardly operate

The gas stations at border towns in Katsina defied the federal government order as they were seen selling petrol to motorists.

In recent times, Nigeria has experienced fuel scarcity in various degrees, especially during the Christmas season. However, since this year, none has been recorded. The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre Sylva assured the citizens of sufficient petroleum products. (You can check his announcement in our previous post here).

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