COVID-19: FRSC to punish officers that assaulted an Abuja woman who drove with policeman on the bonnet of her car


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FRSC says it will sanction officers who attempted to assault an Abuja Lady involved in a recent altercation with a policeman.

After FRSC officials already made an arrest of over 321 vehicles for overloading offenses in the past few weeks, some officers still do not understand their job descriptions well enough. Recently, men of the FRSC in Abuja went “too far” by attempting an assault on a young lady who had an altercation with a stubborn police officer. This lady reportedly drove few miles with a policeman hanging on the bonnet of her car when she refused to stop at a checkpoint because the police officers had no facemask on them amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.


Drama ensued after Abuja woman drove off with policeman hanging on the bonnet of her car but FRSC officials stopped her

Who is right and who is wrong in this incident?

Let us give you a better highlight of the entire confusing drama in simpler terms:

  • While everyone is being health conscious amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, some Abuja policemen tried stopping a young lady but without having facemasks on. The lady refused to stop or roll down her car windows.
  • On seeing that the lady wouldn’t stop her car for their search operation, one stubborn police officer jumped on the bonnet of the lady’s car to stop her. Unfortunately, this lady was even more “Crazy” than the officer because she instead continued to speed off with the officer hanging atop the car’s bonnet.
  • FRSC officials saw the speeding car with the policeman hanging on the bonnet and pursued her till she was forcefully stopped. However, as she was getting out of the car; the FRSC officials unprofessionally began to vandalize her car and rain curses on her with visible intention to assault her.

Below is a video that captures the moment when the FRSC officials attempted assault on the young lady;


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FRSC officials attempting to assault young lady

Following this dramatic incident, the Public Education Officer of the FRSC has now released a public statement claiming that the Corps has carefully analyzed the above video and will query its affected officials. So, the FRSC is simply saying that all the officers involved in the attempted assault will be dealt with accordingly.

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