FRSC to ban indiscriminate use of sirens and convoys


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No more intimidation of road users by some people as the FRSC has moved to ban the indiscriminate use of sirens and convoys on roads across the nation!

The days of people intimidating the public roads are now close to an end as the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has announced the ban on indiscriminate use of sirens and convoys on roads in the nation. This is in response to incessant complaints by the masses about a select few who abuse these privileges for their own personal gains.


The rich and influential always move around with a convoy amid sirens

The ban was made public via an official statement delivered by Bisi Kazeem – the FRSC Public Education Officer – on Wednesday, January 8, 2019.

According to the statement, the Corps was aware of the abuse of sirens and convoys by some people who use them to intimidate other road users. In regard to this, measures will be taken to put a stop to it this year 2020.

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“We have seen a lot of people abusing the use of convoys, and we have taken it up to the appropriate authority. This year, we would take more drastic actions.

“Abuse of convoys and sirens is an abuse of freedom of movement and intimidation to road users and citizens across the country, and this act must stop.”

The use of sirens and convoys is rampant across the country, making it difficult for motorists to identify when it is used rightly.

Kazeem also touched on the controversial subject of using Google maps while driving. He reiterated that using the app was not prohibited in its entirety, but warned that drivers should avoid hand-held usage of Google Maps as it is an insidious distraction. It is not a problem when it is not held in the hands.

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