FRSC safety cautions to drivers in rainy season: obey speed limit & dim the headlights!


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As the rainy season intensifies there is an increased risk of car mishaps. The FRSC in response has released a warning for drivers to respect speed limits.

As the rainy season enters a critical phase with heavy rainfall and foods, the FRSC concerned about continued safety for drivers all lover the country, has enjoined circumspection in the use of the road. Specifically, the FRSC is insistent on drivers observing stated speed limits on all roads in the country.

Amidst widespread reports of flooding in many areas, the Corps Mashall B. Oyeyemi  warned about the usual seasonal road hazards during the rains, including roads that are slippery, fog leading to loss of visibility, fallen objects such as trees, and other weather related risks. He called for “common sense” in the use of roads at this period.

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Over-flooding is a seaonal problem in Nigeria

This appeal was made through Bisi Kazeem, who is the CPEO or Corps Public Education Officer. Going further to reiterate the Corps Marshal’s concerns, Mr Kazeem also spoke on the vital requirements to have headlamps in good working order, and rear-lamps to alert drivers behind about you.

My Oyeyemi is quoted as remaking:

"With the present climatic change that has resulted in increase in rainfall in the country, it has become imperative for all motorists to ensure that their braking systems, wipers, and headlamps are working properly, adhere to speed limit, ensure that the demisters are functional, put on your headlights in low visibility situation, dim the headlights in order to see and be seen and put on the hazard lights during the rains to enhance visibility."

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B. Oyeyem is Corps Marshal; he is concerned about over-speeding this season

Recently the FRSC had released an alarming report about Nigeria’s road crashes statistics. The current measures being put in place by the Corps is to ensure good, safe road usage devoid f fatalities and injuries all over the country.

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