FRSC records 40 deaths from 81 road accidents in Lagos and Ogun in 4 weeks


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The Federal Road Safety Corps says it recorded a total of 81 road accidents with 46 deaths in Ogun and Lagos states alone between May 4 and May 31.

New press reports have it that the FRSC recently released a new record which reveals that 46 people lost their lives in 81 recorded road accidents between 4th and 31st of May 2020 in Lagos and Ogun state alone. Mr. Samuel Obayemi, the Zonal Commanding officer of both Lagos and Ogun FRSC says that these accidents were recorded in a span of just 4 weeks of the recent ease of lockdown in Ogun and Lagos state.


Just 4 weeks of the lockdown ease in Ogun and Lagos alone, 41 deaths and 81 accidents have been recorded – FRSC

It's so saddening that just two weeks ago, we earlier reported staggering FRSC figures showing 1,758 deaths and 3,947 crashes in Q1 of 2020. Now, again this week – the FRSC has recently released new figures revealing the number of deaths and crashes recorded in Ogun and Lagos alone within 4 weeks. It's so heart-rending to see that while these cities are currently battling to save lives from the COVID-19 pandemic, road accident on another hand is also killing more people.


Based on FRSC records, quite an alarming number of people lose their lives every month to fatal road accidents

According to the press reports, a total of 14 of the FRSC’s recorded crashes were minor while 24 were fatal crashes among the total of 81. Also, 154 people were reportedly suffered several degrees of injuries from these recorded crashes. And further FRSC reports from before the lockdown ease reveals that 770 vehicles were arrested by the Corps for overloading while a total of 2,872 vehicles were intercepted and returned back to their original destination during the lockdown.

These figures make us wonder if the FRSC is still doing an alcohol level test for drivers as it could also help in curbing the rate of road crashes in Ogun and Lagos state.

Below is a press video from a few months ago when FRSC officials could be seen testing Lagos drivers for alcohol level;

Video: FRSC Tests for Alcohol Level In Lagos Drivers

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