FRSC receives compliments for Nigerian driver’s licence reform


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The reform in Nigerian driver’s licence implemented by the Federal Road Safety Corp is highly appreciated by the Director General of Bureau for Public Service Reform.

The Director General of Bureau for Public Service Reform (BPSR), Dr Abah has highly appreciated the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) for its commitment in the driver’s licence reform. He also glorified the achievement that the Corps has gained since its first production a few years ago.

This encouragement was given by Dr Abah while he was briefing the BPSR study conducted to identify the roles of different stakeholders in producing security documents and the obstacles during the implementation of the reform.

The aforementioned stakeholders include the driving schools, Vehicle Inspection Officers and the FRSC. After completing neccesary training and paying fees, applicants will receive their licenses designed and issued by the FRSC.

Nigerian polices checking a car on the road

Dr Abah has highly appreciated the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) for its commitment in the driver’s licence reform

Common difficulties detected by the BPSR study were:

  • The isolation of involved agencies
  • Historical issues of fake driver’s licence
  • Intermittent internet connectivity
  • Delay in fund release and unstable power supply
  • Poor signings at the Board of Internal Revenue to guide the candidates
  • The impatience of customers
  • The desire to bypass the legal process.

Dr Abah also gave an advice that the Corps should put more efforts to continuously improve their services while still have to ensure the people's safety.

In responding, the Marshal of the Corps demonstrated his thankfulness towards the Director General for his supportive comments. He also noted the fact that there are still uncooperative states which are not willing to invest in the licensing process. He also assured that FRSC will carefully review the report and take proper actions accordingly.  

The Corps Marshal of Nigeria

The Corps Marshal highly appreciated the keen and independent report of the Director as well as its in-depth nature

The Corps Marshal revealed that the Corps would continue to cooperate with the BPSR in conducting independent investigation of other fields of FRSC functions.

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