FRSC said to begin the Penalty point system on traffic laws’ offenders!


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Traffic offenders will now be subject to the Penalty Point System from the 1st of June. This was made known by the Federal Roads safety Corps on Wednesday.

It has come to the notice of Naijauto that the Federal Roads Safety Commission (FRSC), in its bid to identify, deter, and penalise repeat traffic laws’ offenders, is set to implement Penalty Point System.

This has become necessary as there has been an increase in the rate at which road users disregard traffic laws, thinking that they’ll only be fined when caught. This is also the reason for the increased number of repeat offenders.

The implementation of this Penalty Point System aka Demerit Point System according to the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), is set to begin fully by June 1, 2019. This will see Nigeria join other more organised countries in Europe, South America, North America, and Australia, in the use of this traffic regulatory system.


FRSC affirms they will implement the penalty point system strictly

Mr. Bisi Kazeem, the Public Education Officer for the FRSC, issued this in a statement on Wednesday, where he said that Mr. Boboye Oyeyemi, the Corps Marshall, announced it at a critical summit on Information Technology at the FRSC National Headquarters, Abuja.

This system ensures that the records of every traffic offender are kept to identify repeat offenders and to apportion due punishment.

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According to Mr. Kazeem, Mr. Oyeyemi has said under the system, some repeat offenders will have to go back to take driving lessons in a driving school after committing traffic offences a number of times. Some others, he stated, will be given community service as punishment based on how severe their offenses are.

The reason behind the continued abuse of traffic laws is the lack of proper driver’s training according to the Marshall. He also, stated that when this system becomes fully functional, it will see Nigeria join other safety conscious in using the Penalty Point system to tackle traffic law disobedience.


Continual violation will result in the suspension of driver's license

“In the new order, if a driver receives a statutorily maximum number of points, the driver shall be warned and or have his license suspended or withdrawn.

“For between 1 to 10 point offences, the offender pays a certain amount of money as fines,”

Mr. Kazeem had said.

He, however, added that offenders with 10 to 14 piled up penalty points, will be issued a warning notification.

 “Offenders, who commit between 15 to 20 penalty points, will face the temporal removal or interruption of authority or right to drive for a period of time.

“Motorists who have accumulated 21 and above penalty points will face withdrawal of their driver’s licence,”

he concluded.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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