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The Federal Road Safety Corps has clarified how road users in Nigeria can use Google map on phone while driving. Click here to see the condition!

Since the prohibition of Google Maps while driving, there have been a lot of tensions between motorists and FRSC officials and road users, especially after Abuja police has arrested a lady for using this popular navigation app while driving. In order to clarify such an issued statement from the agency, it has been stated clearly how Nigerian road users can now make use of this Google map in the cars while driving on any of the roads within the country.


Motorists are only allowed to use Google map with the aid of car-holding phone device in Nigeria

This clarification was made public by FRSC corps marshal Boboye Oyeyemi, who disclosed this last Wednesday during a news conference in the FCT on January 8. He said the Google map can only be used by road users when assisted by car-holding phone devices.

According to Oyeyemi, those caught using this app without the aid of holding device for the phone in the vehicle will be apprehended and prosecuted.


Any motorist nabbed using Google map in the vehicle without phone stand will be arrested and prosecuted

The Corps Marshal went further to say:

“The use of Google map while driving is allowed, but hand-held driving and usage are offences associated with driving and anyone caught would face the law squarely.

“If you must use Google map while driving, you must get the car-holding phone devices which is both for your safety and for better usage of the device and the application.”

To avoid any form of drama, delay or embarrassment on the road, road users should get these phone-holding devices in their vehicles.

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