FRSC gives official version of the recent Ibadan accident, different from that of eyewitnesses


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A newly released FRSC report on the recent Ibadan accident has details contradicting eyewitness accounts claiming it was caused by its officials. Read More!

Just a few days back, we published a news article here on Naijauto that covered the story of an eyewitness who claims that the recent road accident that claimed 3 lives on Lagos-Ibadan expressway was caused by FRSC officials forcefully seeking for a bribe.


An eyewitness claims that the Ibadan accident was caused by FRSC officials who pursued a truck driver to collect bribe

Sequel to this news, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has now released its own version of this same road accident but with a few details contrasting with the eyewitness accounts.

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The FRSC Corps Marshal has now directed that the Sector Commander in Oyo state should commence an immediate investigation into the actual cause of this controversial incident. However, below is the report that FRSC currently claims to be at its disposal:

"At about midday of Wednesday, 6/11/19 around 1100HRS a team of FRSC Personnel assigned to monitor and control traffic were approached by a truck driver who intended to make an enquiry from one of the members of the team.

In the course of the inquiry, a Mercedes Benz ran into the patrol vehicle. This killed the arresting Marshal and the other person while they were discussing. Another FRSC official occupying the driver’s seat was also seriously affected by the crash.

The Sector Commander along with her Management Team inspected the area of the scene to conduct a crash investigation and also to gather information from first responders (eyewitnesses). From that investigation, it was meticulously gathered that the FRSC Patrol vehicle was not in motion when the incident occurred."


The report released by the FRSC on the recent Ibadan accident does not indicate any fault from its officials or mention bribery at all

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