Arrested car vandals revealed "Four minutes to steal a car brain box"


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It takes this car vandals just four minutes to steal a brain box. Lagos residents who are night clubbers should be careful as they park their cars outside to go clubbing!

The operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RSS) of the Lagos State Police Command have apprehended two suspects who are into the vandalization of cars and making away with their engine control units, otherwise known as brain boxes.

The suspects identified as Saidu Atiku, 34 and Sodiq Musa, 28 were arrested by the squad at 27 Obafemi Awolowo road Ikeja while in possession of 3 Toyota car brain boxes. The third suspect named Ridwan Adamu was said to have fled with the 4th brain box.

According to reports reaching Naijauto, Musa claimed to have graduated from one of the higher institutions in the country, having studied political science. And that he went searching for better opportunities in Lagos in 2017.

He said,

"I worked in Lagos as a barbeque man in various hotels and events before I met Ridwan who introduced me to brain box theft where He taught me all the antics and styles.
We use ‘magic stone’ that is, vehicle spark plug to break vehicle windows without attracting attention. It takes two minutes to loose a Toyota Hiace bus brain box and it takes four minutes to lose a Toyota Hilux box
The spark plug reduces the noise and effects quick break of any vehicle window and we tie the plug in a handkerchief in a situation where we have multiple vehicles to work on."

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The two suspects, Sodiq Musa, and Saidu Atiku, in possession of 3 brainboxes

While being interrogated by RSS, Musa explained that his accomplice, Atiku, was working as a security guard for a firm that is located at the street where they vandalized the cars. Atiku had called the other fleeing suspect, Ridwan, who was their gang leader, to come and steal from the company's cars that were parked outside the company's gate. And he was in charge of guarding the vehicles.

When he got the information, Ridwan and Musa went into action immediately and arrived outside the company's gate by 1:00 am. They broke into 4 Toyota vehicles belonging to the firm where Atiku was the night guard and stole their brain boxes. Another security guard who was on duty saw them and raised the alarm which led to their arrest.

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The RSS operatives took Musa to their office where he told them that Atiku was also involved in the crime. He told them the role he played.

He said,

"We specialised in stealing Toyota brain boxes because they fetch good money in the market. The demand for them are higher than any other brand. For example we sold a Toyota Hiace bus for N40,000 while that of Toyota Hilux goes for N20,000 respectively
Ridwan connects with the buyers of the brain boxes who he claimed are from the popular spare part market in Lagos. We always meet the buyers outside the market where we exchange our loots for cash.
They usually pay in cash and will never wait more than two minutes as we already have an understanding on the prices
Ridwan gives me 40% of whatever we make from the sale of our loots. He has never disclosed where we were to carry out our next operation because he feels he is my boss.
Our target areas are usually night clubs where people come with different types of vehicles. We strike around 1:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. when most of the clubbers would have started enjoying themselves."

Musa also confessed that he has vandalized two cars at a night club located in Ikeja. He has been visiting popular joints and night clubs in Allen Avenue and Ogunlana Drive and robbing vehicles parked by owners.

While reacting to the incident, the Police Commissioner, CP Zubairu Muazu, who transferred the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department Panti, advised residents in the state who go to night clubs to be careful as they park their cars to go catch fun inside the clubs.

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