Former taxify driver says most ladies are rude


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A former Taxify driver shared his experience with a female passenger who called him a failure because he studied medicine in school and was driving a taxi!

Stories about encounters between car drivers and passengers are shared on social media on a regular basis. The public is saddled with the responsibility of judging the cases and pointing out who was in the wrong. This time around, it involves a young man and a female passenger.

Narrating the incident on his personal handle on Twitter @ehival, the user who identified himself as Doctor Zaddy said the lady had requested for a ride on the app of a private taxi service he used to work for at the time. During their ride to her destination, she asked if he was truly a doctor. He answered in the affirmative, and then she said he must be a failure because all doctors are supposed to be successful.

The medical doctor further stated that her harsh words made him feel like heading home to cry.


The sharing of the driver attracts a lot of comments from public

Several Twitter users reacted to his tweet, expressing their disappointment at the lady’s statement. One of the users @ImoleayoBalogu2 stated that, if he was in his shoes, he’d drive her all the way to the middle of Third Mainland Bridge and abandon her there. Another user encouraged the narrator, saying that graduating from medical school was an achievement on its own.

Similarly, a young woman shared her story on social media of how she was insulted by a female driver of one of the private car services simply because she wasn’t going to a far destination.


And this is Zaddy - the victim of such harsh words

Private car services are quite popular in Nigeria especially in urban areas as they provide a more convenient driving experience than traditional taxis. Nigerians have shared their different experiences using these services. In general, people are advised to be careful when boarding private car services to ensure their safety especially at odd hours.

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