Ford’s Parking Space Guidance offers real-time updates on available parking slots


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The problem of finding available parking space on a lot has obviously come to an abrupt end with this new Parking Space Guidance Tech by Ford and Vodafone. See how the tech can assist Ford drivers here!

In many populated cities in the country, especially in Lagos, you could spend many hours looking for where to safely park your car. Truth is, like several parking lots in developed nations where it might cost you up over $1,000 annually, it is obviously not different in some places in Nigeria where you pay hourly rates to park yours.

The main problem in many cases might not really be due to absence of parking spaces, but low rate of occupancy. This is why Vodafone and Ford are running a test on a new Parking Space Guidance, which is a connected vehicle technology system, giving huge assistance to drivers across the globe.


Finding where to park within the city becomes much easier with this Ford's Parking Space Guidance 

According to Tobias Wallerius, Ford Europe engineer, he said:

“Satnavs are great at helping us to get to our destination but aren’t so useful when it comes to helping us to park there – especially in city centers,”

Further he continued:

“Parking Space Guidance is a connected‑vehicle technology that could help drivers to more quickly complete their journey, saving them money, time and benefiting overall air quality.”

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Real-time updates would be made available on the Ford's Parking Space Guidance, which will be based on car park data and is currently on trial as part of KoMoD (Kooperative Mobilität im digitalen Testfeld Düsseldorf) program in Germany. During testing within the city, the vehicles get info on the road status and car parks based on their geo-location, from a central computer.

Head of innovation at Vodafone, Michael Reinartz, added:

“When vehicles can exchange data with infrastructure in real-time, traffic will become more intelligent, searching for a parking space will become less stressful and people will get to their destination more quickly,”

Making it easier to find car park spaces

As part of the KoMoD, other on-trial features from Vodafone and Ford include Tunnel Information System, Traffic Light Assistance System, Traffic Control System, Bad Weather Warning, Smart Traffic Sign Transmission and the Vario Display with the capability of warning driver on events that could affect local traffic.

The operation of these technologies would be solely reliant on the real-time updates and in theory, should be of immense help to motorists on daily basis.

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