Amazing! Ford’s new car window can make blind people to see and feel


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The "Feel The View" technology by Ford will now allow blind people to visualize and recreate the images through their minds through a device. See it here!

It is no more news that we are starting a new journey after end of a decade and we expect to see lots of interesting innovations from the auto industry. Being blind might be counted among various human disabilities especially when such person lacks the ability to visualize and see various human experiences, but it doesn’t mean something can’t be done to remedy such.


Blind people will feel and interpret images through the vibrations sent from the window glass to the hand

Who could have imagined that a time will come when a blind man will be able to drive or see through the car window? All thanks to Ford for making this dream a reality, making everyone irrespective of visual disability to view the world.


Ford's new smart window will allow the blind to feel and visualize human experiences

This new innovation is tagged “Feel The View”, a brainwork of GTB and Ford in Italy, in partnership with Aedo, a local start-up company creating devices for people that are visually impaired.

Mechanism of Ford new car window

The “Feel The View” technology comes into play when the sensation of sight via 255 vibrations are created and sent via the window of the car that the hand can feel and interpret properly. What is required of such person is by pressing the button and picture of such scenery would be taken by the device.

From what we learnt, this picture taken by this technology will be in high contrast monochrome image. Thereafter, the image will undergo conversion into greyscale; hereby the machine will handle the translation of every shade of grey into distinct vibration of varying intensity on vehicle’s window.

Ford presents Feel the View

With this, the blind people can have a feel of this scenery by bringing out the depth and details via touch, most importantly the ability to recreate the landscape in their respective minds. Another angle to this is the availability of the integrated virtual assistant helping in adding context to the picture by voicing out key words about the image via the speakers of the vehicle.

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