Ford removes new car smell because Chinese people hates it!


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As a response to Chinese buyers' complain about the smell found in new cars, Ford will develop technology that allows their cars to remove the new car all by themselves!

The American auto manufacturer Ford promised to remove the distasteful smell which always fills brand-new vehicles, and now, they can do it. The evidence is a patent filed this year which describes the process that the Ford cars go through to remove all smell inside. Accounting for this breakthrough, the automobile brand reasoned that almost all drivers in the Chinese market, the world’s largest car market hates it.


Ford company cleans away “new car smell”  for most of the Chinese customers can't stand it

As revealed by the J.D. Power China Initial Quality Study in 2018, the interior stench remains a major problem to the automotive manufacturers in China as there was still over 10 percent of drivers expressing their discomfort to the smell.  

Said by Ford Spokesperson:

That’s because Chinese car buyers are particularly sensitive to the smell of their new cars. They place unpleasant smells ahead of engine performance or safety as their top reason for not buying a new car.

If that’s an issue, we’ll definitely get it addressed.

To me, everyone loves that new car smell, and in fact, when you go to the car wash, they sell the new car scent to put it back in the car.

According to the patent, the car would totally remove the distasteful smell through a tech-filled process, including these following steps:

  • Park the vehicle in the sunlight.
  • Slightly open the windows.
  • Turn on the engine, fan, and heater.


Parking the car in the sunlight is among steps to remove the unpleasant odor

However, this works with semi-autonomous or driverless cars only because the intelligent vehicles know the time to clean away the chemicals, then automatically drive themselves to the sunny areas and vaporize the stench.

Video: Ford looking to eliminate 'new car smell' after complaints from China

This breakthrough promises to enhance Ford’s sales in the biggest auto market in the world.

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